Staff picks – by Nick Bligh

21st January, 2016

UX designer Nick Bligh gives us the round-up of what inspires him at the moment.


Nick Bligh a.k.a. definitely the black sheep of the family


Role at MYOB

I’m a UX designer for MYOB Essentials. It’s a great role because I get to be involved with the full suite of UX activities, from prototyping and UI design all the way to running user tests.

Cool fact

Before becoming a UX designer I started my career as a graphic designer. This was very normal in my family – my mother, father and sister are all graphic designers, too. My switch to UX design has clearly been very rebellious.

Stuff I love right now

1. Every frame a painting

Every frame a painting, a video essay series on YouTube. I love film, but don’t really know that much about it.

Tony Zhou, the creator, does a really good job of breaking things down and showing you things you may never have thought about. A good episode to start with would be ‘Edgar Wright – How to Do Visual Comedy’.


2. 99% invisible

The 99% invisible design podcast by Roman Mars.

Roman is another person who does a great job at revealing things you may have never thought about. He also has an unbelievable knack of making the mundane and everyday things beautiful and deep.




3. Mr Robot vs David AttenboroughPlanet Earth

I almost chose Mr. Robot for my final pick, but I figure everyone is watching it anyway.

So instead I’m choosing David Attenborough’s ‘Planet Earth’.

It’s easy to forget how amazing the world is and how completely crazy and complicated natural systems are.

Plus David Attenborough, so legit.



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