Staff picks – by Liz Cherry

22nd April, 2016

Marketing Campaign Manager Liz Cherry gives us the round-up of what inspires her at the moment.


Liz Cherry a.k.a. the one with the laugh


Role at MYOB

As a marketing manager at MYOB my role is to communicate to our customers. I collaborate with lots of different teams within MYOB, such as analytics, online, sales, service, marketing and product. I love being able to help our customers get on to the best MYOB product. Giving away a new car to one of our lucky customers was also a pretty big highlight.

Cool FactLiz singing - blog

As well as working with MYOB I also have a part-time job with the Army Reserves. I’ve been in the Army reserves for 10 years and love it. I am a musician in the Australian Army Band and get to perform at some of Melbourne’s biggest events. I’ll be singing the national anthem at the MCG for the ANZAC Day clash. Singing at the MCG was always one of my dreams and I’m so lucky to have this incredible honour.

As well as perfoming in front of 90,000 people at the MCG, I’ll be singing at the Dawn Service, and later in the day I’ll head across to AAMI Park to sing the national anthem for the NRL match.

Stuff I love right now 

1. Music  
This is definitely the stuff I love right now, but it’s something I’ve loved forever. I have seriously eclectic taste as in my job I have to be able to sing rock, pop, jazz, classical, country and sometimes they’re brave enough to let me rap. When I’m not learning new music for the Army I love listen to Triple J’s “Like a Version” channel.

2. Bikram Yoga
My friends and I often debate which yoga is the best, but Bikram is my favourite by far. At least once a week I hang out in a 42-degree room for 90 minutes trying to twist, balance, stretch and lengthen. I completely focus on trying to get each pose while remaining present and mindful. It’s my version of multi-tasking because I get a great workout while also enjoying “me-time”.

3. My Dog
At the risk of sounding very corny and being boring I’ll have to pick my dog. But hear me out! She’s a farm-dog living the urban life. On top of the many early morning and evening walks she also attends daycare twice a week. Last year she appeared in the Herald Sun and on Channel 9 News for the Dog Lover’s Show. She loves the camera and attention… No idea where she gets that from…


Eva the Diva Street Dog - blog


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