Staff picks – by Jasper Mondares

29th August, 2016

We catch up with Senior Software Developer Jasper Mondares to talk about wind tunnels, television and MMORPG games. Talk about a good time!


Jasper Mondares a.k.a. Philosophical quotes enthusiast (mainly from TV shows)

‘The mentor has become the manatee’ – Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock


Twitter handle



Role at MYOB

Senior Software Developer. I develop, enhance and maintain back-end services that deal with superannuation to enable our clients to pay their employees’ super effortlessly.


Cool Fact

Back in 2012, in my last year of university, myself and five others constructed a wind tunnel for our final year engineering project. Years later, it was spotted being showcased at the Australian Grand Prix in one of the booths. Cool factor? A uni project withstanding the test of time.


Stuff I love right now

  1. The TV show, Scrubs. You know how there’s always that one show that you find yourself binge watching every year or so? This is mine. And it’s that time of the year.
  2. Lineage Age and Android/iOS an MMORPG game. I’ve always wanted to get into an MMORPG’ish game on PC, but had never found the time. My friend recently introduced this to me, and unfortunately, I’m now hooked.
  3. American History. I’ve been getting into American history a lot and have been watching CrashCourse U.S History on YouTube. John Green does a great job of explaining how and why things happened versus when and where they happened.