Staff picks – by James Curnow

3rd December, 2015

Social Media Leader James Curnow gives us the round-up of what inspires him at the moment.


James Curnow a.k.a. the guy who is literally writing the book on Clint Eastwood




Role at MYOB

Social Media Leader. I work to ensure we’re communicating effectively with businesses, accountants and bookkeepers in the social media space. This can mean anything from amplifying content to help business owners run their businesses more effectively, to promoting things like our recent Gift of Time competition. There’s always something exciting in the pipeline… I love my work!


Cool Fact

I am slowly (maybe too slowly) working through a part-time PhD on… wait for it… the films of Clint Eastwood. I’ve always had an interest in historiography (how history is written) in relation to film, and Eastwood has made a lot of films, from westerns to war movies, that tackle this kind of challenge.


Stuff I love right now Curnblog

1. Films! Films! Films!
I’m an obsessive cinephile, and pretty much all of my spare time is spent on cinema in one way or other. Apart from my PhD, I also run a contributor based film journalism website called Curnblog in my spare time.

2. Spaghetti Westerns
Currently I’m deep in the midst of a Spaghetti Western phase.For those who might not know, Spaghetti Westerns were a kind of operatic Italian take on the Western genre that peaked in the mid-sixties to early seventies. Everybody knows about the Sergio Leone Dollars trilogy that made Eastwood a star, but my personal favourite right now is a movie called Keoma (1976).

3. Philip Glass
I’m currently going through a bit of a phase with the music of Philip Glass. I first came to his music through a few film soundtracks that he’d composed (The Thin Blue Line, Koyaanisqatsi, A Brief History of Time), but now I’m kind of obsessed with the guy. Minimalist operas like Einstein on the Beach and Satyagraha are now permanently on loop on my iPhone.


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