SME product design


7th December, 2023

SME product design: The competitive edge you need

Just as magpies are known for their love of shiny things, consumers are attracted to aesthetically pleasing products and services.

What’s more, research shows good product design increases perceived value.

In other words, people are willing to spend more on something that’s both pretty and easy to use.

Product design directly affects the success or failure of any business.

Whether you deal in physical goods, digital products or services (or a combination), products that tick the design, functionality and user-friendliness boxes will stand out and draw in customers.

The role of product design in small business

Firstly, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in — every business faces a hefty amount of competition.

But many companies successfully cut through the noise every day. How do they do it? Simple, effective product design.

Also, product design is the process of bringing a product or service to market by considering functionality, aesthetics and user experience.

It involves gaining a deep understanding of what your customers want and need and creating a product or service that is functional, enjoyable to use and, ultimately, makes life easier.

How design contributes to brand identity and recognition

Simple and effective product design also goes a long way towards establishing your brand identity and creating a visual style that people instantly associate with your business.

Here are several ways product design can strengthen brand identity and recognition:

  • Consistency: businesses that use consistent design across all products and services create an easily recognisable brand image, which is particularly important when launching new products.
  • Brand elements: building in brand elements like your logo, colours and typography will help customers identify your product with your brand.
  • Innovation: while product design doesn’t need to be fancy or complex, it does need to be innovative and deliver on its promise. This can help your brand stand out and be more memorable.
  • Quality: a well-designed product or service that’s consistently updated and improved over time can enhance the overall perception of a brand and lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Using product design to enhance the customer experience

Have you ever noticed that the products and services you use the most aren’t necessarily the fanciest? It’s more about how easy the product or service is to use or book.

The real power of product design is the impact it has on the customer experience.

Good product design not only solves a problem but can turn a tedious experience into an enjoyable one.

Here are two ways you can use product design to create a memorable user experience:

Make it intuitive and easy to use

Gone are the days of instruction manuals — someone who has never used your product before should be able to pick it up, install it or open an app and instinctively know how to use it.

Make it fun and visually pleasing

For customers to stay satisfied and keep using your product, you have to create something that delights them every time.

Also, this isn’t just about functionality but also the way the product looks and feels.

SME product design

Five examples of good product and service design

1. Apple

Since 2007, iPhones have been in people’s back pockets worldwide. Over time, the design has grown and evolved, but it has always kept its signature sleek and intuitive design that Apple is renowned for.

2. Fitbit

Fitbit revolutionised wearable health technology. It’s a physical product with a great user experience in that it can track multiple health functions from a tiny screen on your wrist.

3. Google’s search bar

Google’s search bar has always been simple and intuitive, and for good reason – so anyone can search and find what they’re looking for.

4. Airbnb

With its user-friendly design and convenient review and payment system, Airbnb has changed how people find and book accommodation all over the world.

5. Uber

Until Uber, hailing a taxi came with many unknowns. How much would the trip cost, and would the taxi arrive on time? Uber answers all of those questions almost instantly, which is what people love about the app.

SME product design – functional, reliable and enjoyable.

The equation is simple. If your product solves a problem and is easy (and fun!) to use, your customers will be happy. That’s good news for your business.

Also, product design requires a deep understanding of market trends and customer needs to go beyond aesthetics and ongoing improvement to remain competitive.

But get it right, and your customers will thank you for it with their loyalty.

MYOB wins Canstar Blue Award

We’re proud to announce that MYOB has successfully taken out Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customer – Small Business Accounting Software 2023 award.

Our small business accounting software scored five stars for overall satisfaction and five stars in each category — value for money, reporting, ease of use, design, functionality, ease of integration and customer service.

Our customers are our world. A big thanks to all our customers for your continued loyalty and support. Read more about the award here.