Smarter payroll saves you time, hassle and stress

26th May, 2016

Payroll in New Zealand is complex. Did you know that New Zealand was ranked 10th in the world for payroll complexity*? The main reason for its complexity is the disconnected nature of the current system.

There are also some significant industry challenges adding to payroll stress. Things like human error due to the manual handling of data, variability in payroll calculations, and complex government reporting requirements all play a part in making payroll challenging for business owners.

The IRD faces its own challenges, too, in dealing with various service providers, software providers, payroll calculation engines, and in some cases dealing with users who do this all manually and offline.

From our research, 75 percent of employers tell us they feel pain around employing staff. Around a third find payroll challenging. At MYOB we want to alleviate payroll pain to help simplify payroll for businesses.

A next-generation payroll solution

We’ve recently released MYOB Essentials Payroll, the first of MYOB’s next gen payroll products and services. Essentials Payroll includes all the things our clients love about being online and some new features too.

  • Automatic IRD updates including ACC, Student Loan and KiwiSaver rates to help ensure deductions and leave calculations are accurate.
  • Clearly track all entitlements and meet reporting obligations when your information is electronically and securely stored with one-click annual leave and sick leave reports.
  • Connect with your advisor, bookkeeper and/or payroll provider so you can keep business moving anywhere, anytime.
  • NEW! Streamline data entry, reduce manual handing and errors by enabling staff to complete their timesheets online and securely access payslips on the go with MYOB YourPay. No more time consuming manual data entry or need to print and email payslips.
  • NEW! Nominate MYOB as your very own go-between and manage your wage and PAYE payments and take care of your IRD reporting obligations. Register here to try this time-saving new feature.

Smarter payroll saves you time, hassle and stress – and lets you focus on running your business. Watch our video to see it in action.

* Source: NGA Human Resources Global Payroll Complexity Index 2014