Simplified GST is live for small business owners

31st March, 2016

Like all taxes, GST can be complicated, but it’s fairly straightforward to win with GST once you’ve got to grips with the essentials.

At MYOB we’ve been working with Inland Revenue to integrate tax processes into MYOB online accounting software, which gives businesses the ability to file directly with Inland Revenue.  The beauty of this is that it further simplifies the GST process for business owners, making it easier, faster and more accurate.

This is achieved by giving business owners an integrated experience, where they can manage their day-to-day business functions as well as their compliance obligations.  This means that compliance doesn’t become a separate exercise for SMEs and reduces their overall compliance burden.

So what’s changed?

We’re really pleased to be first to launch simplified GST in New Zealand for our MYOB Essentials clients.  We have been working closely with Inland Revenue for several months on the pilot phase and now we’re live! It is the first phase in a project set to transform the way SMEs comply with their tax obligations.

The feedback we’ve received from Partners and customers who have already lodged their GST return has been really positive. Many are enjoying the simplified process of being able to lodge directly with Inland Revenue from within MYOB Essentials. Additionally customers are enjoying the benefit of not having to re-key data, meaning time saved but more importantly their GST return isn’t prone to errors.

‘I am delighted with the new eGST feature in MYOB Essentials. I have just prepared, printed a hard copy of the 101 form and audit trail report, filed the return with IRD, and forwarded a copy to my client – all in under five minutes. Wonderful time saver, simplicity supreme, and I just love it! It’s an absolutely first-rate product.’

Brian Knight, Transactions Limited

To learn more about simplified GST in MYOB Essentials click here.

There’s also wealth of information on the Inland Revenue site.