Set it and don’t forget it!

2nd January, 2012

Exercise more! Give up coffee! Save money! Start a business! See family more! Lose weight! Give up junk food! Get a promotion!

Did you pick any of those on New Year’s Eve to tackle for the year ahead?

It happens every year. People I know get ambitious with their resolutions and goals and can actually sometimes just set themselves up for failure.

Many studies have shown that most people struggle to keep their new year resolutions beyond a month (many don’t even make it that far!). I suspect that people are committing to their pledges when they are in a relaxed (or alcohol-infused) state.

Once the working world grinds into gear again and the pressure is on, it becomes much more difficult to achieve those huge goals you set yourself.

Big goals are great, they’re important but if you don’t handle them properly they can be ultimately demotivating!

The trick is to break things down into achievable goals. Instead of “I’m going to lose 25 kilograms”, try breaking it down into “I’m going to lose 2-4 kilos in January” and reassess at the end of the month. It gives you a chance to see if your goal is realistic, and where it fits in with other things in your life that might creep up.

Big goals need to be broken down into shorter time frames and smaller amounts of effort. As you achieve these little chunks and you start to see some real progress you’ll be excited, motivated and ready for more!

I’ve set myself some massive goals for m.a.d.woman this year – I’ve also put time into breaking them into achievable chunks. Watch this space!

What goals are you setting yourself this year?