PM Malcolm Turnbull talks MYOB add-on Tanda with Beefy’s Pies in Queensland

27th June, 2016

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently dropped in to visit Beefy’s Pies to find out how innovative technology solutions directly impact the way they do business.

Here at MYOB we love to hear stories from our customers of how our software and the solutions of our add-on ecosystem are impacting their businesses. Recently Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull dropped in to visit Beefy’s Pies a great Queensland business using MYOB AccountRight Live and Tanda within their business. These tools help them save time and energy – allowing them to focus on growing their business.

Established in 1997 with just one store on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, this family-owned business has grown to a team of 127 staff across eight stores in southeast Queensland. Born from a passion for baking great meat pies and pastries, Beefy’s has received national awards, including a gold award for their Signature Steak Pie.

MYOB and Tanda – a powerful combination

A long-time MYOB customer, Beefy’s Chief Operating Officer, Brett, saw an opportunity to increase the efficiency of the business’s online accounting software by combining it with add-on solution Tanda. Tanda helps business with staff management, time and attendance and ultimately allows a business to process payroll in seconds. As a tool, Tanda eliminates paper timesheets, time theft and drastically reduces data entry for payroll.

“Before, doing the payroll and rostering staff was all very manual,” says Brett. “Managers would have to do all the checks and balances by the end of the week, then fax or phone it through. There was just too much room for human error.”

Using MYOB and Tanda Brett has calculated that they have reduced the time payroll processing took by over 50%. The reduction of time and increase in data accuracy has removed the administrative and payroll stress that used to be part of day-to-day operations.

As well as tracking employee time and attendance, Brett finds Tanda’s reporting system helps him keep an eye on the running costs of the business.

“The more you can analyse your company’s efficiency – or lack of efficiency – is beneficial for the company,” says Brett. “I’ve got it set up so I can look at a daily report, from wage expenditure through to weekly, monthly and the like.”

The Prime Minister’s visit

As part of the government’s National Innovation and Science agenda, an agenda which seeks to incentivise innovation and entrepreneurship and reward risk-taking in Australian businesses – PM Malcolm Turnbull dropped in to see how Beefy’s operates.

The team at Beefy’s introduced Mr Turnbull to Tanda and the team behind it. He was excited to meet the young Tanda team and learn how they had grown from a team of 5 to now having 30 staff over 3 years. That alone is a great story of job creation.

The Tanda & Beefy’s teams then explained that Beefy’s had seen this 50% reduction in time doing payroll thanks to Tanda. Mr Turnbull very quickly calculated the impact this smart technology is having in helping make Beefy’s an efficient and growing company.

Watch what Mr Turnbull had to say:

So what is an add-on?

“An add-on is a software solution that solves a problem in a business,” says Keran McKenzie, Add-on Evangelist at MYOB. “They connect our cloud accounting platform sharing data, removing human error from data entry and make businesses more efficient.”

“I love that our add-ons really help our clients become more efficient, and help them better understand business performance.”

MYOB has over 230 add-on solutions that can solve all sorts of frustrations that businesses face from job management and staff management through to point of sale and helping them get deeper insight into their business. Learn more about what add-ons are or explore our full range.