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22nd August, 2023

Peking Duk: From backyard chit-chat to cha-ching

The numbers don’t lie: 1 in 3 Aussies have a business idea that never gets off the ground.

Add in the fact that 8 in 10 Kiwis have an idea but only half follow through, and you’ve got the reason we’ve teamed up with Peking Duk.

Adam and Reuben are officially our MYOBelievers. They’ve been tasked with boosting self-belief and getting your ideas past kick-ons.

How? By launching an escargot food truck and showing that anyone can do it with the help of MYOB.

Watch the Backyard Boardroom: Find out what business blunders Peking Duk made and how you can avoid them.

Over the next five weeks, the Peking Duk boys will be launching their very own escargot food truck and proving that anyone can start a business with the help of MYOB.

The boys will call on you to help decide on a business name and a menu. Keep your eyes peeled on how to get involved via or our socials.

Starting a business

Starting a business is an exciting adventure. It can also be stressful, challenging and even overwhelming. There’s so much to consider, and remembering everything you need to do may be difficult. 

Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.

Get Cooking

A great place to kick off is by having a look in the mirror (hello handsome) and figuring out what sets your soul on fire. Passion is critical to the foundation of your business idea, but also needs to be balanced with practicality. 

Start by answering these three questions: 

  1. What are you passionate about? 
  2. Who’d want your product/service?  
  3. What problem can you solve with your business? 

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Show Us The Moolah

Running a business is exciting and very spooky at the same time — banks aren’t always too keen on lending money to noobs (like us). But private investors are willing to back us startups when the suits won’t. 

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Let’s Launch

When we started our first business, we had no idea what we were doing. After stumbling through some business blunders, we managed to nab the hang of it and now we’re flying.

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