Payroll Registration and tax compliance changes

27th January, 2017

From January to March each year, we receive over a thousand queries from clients regarding their payroll registration.

Want to make your payroll registration a breeze? Here are some handy hints.

What is the Exo Payroll Registration?

Each year you will need to pay an Annual Licence Fee (ALF) in order to continue using Exo.

payroll registration

Once your ALF invoice is paid, your system will be automatically updated within three business days.

What are tax compliance changes?

Tax compliance changes are different to registration. These are required to make sure that your software remains compliant for the upcoming year.

Each year, around March, the government passes on taxation changes, and we update Exo to reflect these changes. This means you can continue to pay your staff at the new 2017 rates.

To get ready for 2017 you will need to upgrade your software. You don’t need to do anything now – we will notify you closer to March when it is due.

Other FAQs on the registration process

Thirty days before your payroll registration will expire, the software will begin displaying a message indicating how many days remain.

Q1.  I have a message saying “Registration status: 27 days remaining”, but we paid our annual licence more than 2 days ago. What are the next steps?

A. Behind the scenes, the system will check every second day that the account has been cleared and then automatically register. When successful, a message will appear advising this. If unsuccessful – see Q2 below.

Alternatively, you can do this yourself if you wish. Click on the message to take you to the registration screen. Click the register online button at the bottom of the screen.

Q2. A message appears indicating registration was not successful. What should I do?

A. The registration/history report will be automatically emailed to the MYOB Exo team, who will contact you within two working days. There is no need to phone us. We will contact you.

You can continue to use the software in the meantime.

Alternatively, the message may indicate the Annual Licence Fee invoice has not been paid. Please make sure this is paid.

The software will continue to check automatically every two days and when invoice has been paid, the registration will occur automatically.

Q3. I have received an email with the subject ‘MYOB Exo Employer Services Registration Details – My Company Name’. What should I do?

A. This email contains the details required to register your payroll for the coming year.

The registration codes were issued manually and emailed to you, as there was an error in automatic registration process.

Please make sure you update this as soon as possible, otherwise you’ll continue to see the Registration Status message at the top of the screen.



This article was written by client support representative Jackie Darmody.