Ode to Global Bookkeeping Week

8th September, 2016

I don’t know about you, but I reckon Global Bookkeeping Week, that takes place from Monday 12 to Friday 16 September, deserves some celebratory poetry.

Here’s our ode to a week worth celebrating.

Here’s to the ‘backbone of business’ people

The ‘fix it without a second thought’ people

The ‘how did you make it balance’ people


To the ‘kick up our heels’ folks

‘After EOFY is done and dusted for another year’ folks

(And maybe after the BAS has been and gone, too, folks)


Here’s to the ‘just looking for some extra income’ ones

Who end up building businesses

Out of building others’ businesses


To the solution-finders, the Man and Woman Fridays,

The migrators, the cloud specialists,

The advisors, the confidantes,

The psychologists,

The gatekeepers,

The ‘hang on a minute you can’t do that’ ones


‘But you can do this …’


Here’s to the “See you at Partner Connect next year” types

The “I’m bringing my staff” types

The “Let’s make it a long weekend” types


To the best types of people

The ‘passionate about my clients’ people

The ‘supporting my peers’ people


Here’s to the bookkeeper. The lifeblood of business bookkeeper.
Long live the bookkeeper – the champion of small business.


Happy #GlobalBookkeepingWeek