MYOB Shoebox hacks

8th July, 2016

Now that you’ve finally invested in a decent online accounting system, and no longer having to worry about messy stacks of paperwork and a convoluted collection of spreadsheets, you might be left wondering what to do with all those leftover shoeboxes.

Rather than letting them go to waste, or leaving them lying around as a reminder of the chaos that once was, use these five hacks to re-purpose those shoeboxes and give them a new lease on life.


Hack #1 Necklace organiser

Need a way to organise all that beautiful jewellery you bought with last year’s tax refund? Turn a shoebox lid into a handy organiser for your necklaces.



Hack #2 Desktop cat bed

Does your cat love to sleep on your keyboard or walk across the keys while you’re trying to type? Try a shoebox cat bed on your desk.

Hack #3 Device recharge station

You have your bookwork under control for EOFY, but is your recharge cable situation a tangled mess? Clean up your workplace with a shoebox recharge station.

Hack #4 Smartphone projector

You’ve used your smartphone to snap a bazillion cute photos of your cat sleeping on your keyboard. A shoebox projector is the purrfect way to share those shots!

Hack #5 Foosball table

Have you set yourself some new financial year goals? Practice hitting them with a fun shoebox foosball table.