MYOB product updates October


24th November, 2020

MYOB product updates for advisors — October

Tax tables, time savings and other new tweaks to MYOB products arrived in October. Here’s everything accountants and bookkeepers should know.

Coming into Q4, with no signs of slowing in the lead up to the new year, MYOB delivered our Next 90, where we announced everything that we would be delivering for the coming quarter.

October delivered some major tax updates and a few time-saving features for our customers. Here’s everything that landed during that month.

Australian Tax Table updates

As many of you are aware, there have been some recent announcements relating to Federal tax changes, which will require the tax tables that were released by the ATO on 13th October 2020 to be updated within our software.

For both New Essentials and the previous version of Essentials, the Australian Tax Tables for the previous version of MYOB Essentials were updated during October. The changes have already been updated in their software for them and will automatically be applied when paying staff.

For our AccountRight customers, a patch release was available before end of October. To find your download link you can see the release note here.

Essentials and Connected Ledger

Essentials Live Chat Launch (NZ only)

Trialists for New Zealand Essentials now have access to Live Chat. This feature will allow customers to get questions and concerns answered quickly and easily, as they are in the moment navigating the software.

Trialists will see a Live Chat pop up during their initial month users will see a Live Chat pop up during use, however this disappears once a user subscribes. Further development in the new year will hope to bring this feature to all subscribers.

*Please note that the Live Chat team will respond to all queries, regardless of whether the user is a partner or SME.

Essentials & AccountRight Live

Inviting an Advisor into the file

When inviting an ‘Advisor’ from MYOB Essentials or ARL in the Browser, the following options will now be applied automatically.

  • Advisor role
  • Administrator role/permission
  • Online administrator/all businesses with this serial number access

Previously this was a manual process and caused user errors. This will prevent any future errors allowing the advisor easier access and saves time during set up process.

Users will also now see an updated screen as below when they invite a new Advisor. They will no longer be able to choose the User Roles and Business Access options as these are now defaulted for Advisor users.

*AccountRight Live in the Browser: ARL users will see a message advising them that ‘Advisors will get access to all businesses under this serial number’.

MYOB Practice

Get help with MYOB Practice
You can now request help, directly from your software.

Instead of calling MYOB Support, MYOB Partners are now able to log a support requests directly from MYOB Practice.

Simply log on to MYOB Practice and click on the ‘?’ icon on the left menu bar to access the various partner help options. Here, you will be able to find ‘Log a support call’.

Your MYOB contact will receive a notification email and our support team will be in touch within three business days.

*This support request form can also be used for support on other MYOB products. Simply choose the relevant product option from the dropdown list.

Financial Services (Australia only)

Previously, fees that are associated with Online Invoice Payments are billed on a monthly basis via direct debit to the subscription owner of the company file.

Based off our Partners feedback, we listened and we have changed the way that (new) customers are billed for fees and charges associated with online invoice payments.

New Online Invoice Payment customers will now be able to nominate which bank account they would like fees and charges to be direct debited on a monthly basis during the set up process. They can either ‘Direct debit from the same account’ or ‘ Direct debit from a new account’.