MYOB product updates for advisors Jan 2021


2nd February, 2021

MYOB product updates for advisors — January

MYOB’s product teams have continued to deliver new enhancements over the summer break, with updates to Essentials, AccountRight and more.

Product delivery doesn’t sleep, over the holiday season MYOB Product delivery has continued to push out new enhancements and time saving efficiencies to the software.

Read on to see what was delivered over the months of December and January.

Essentials and AccountRight Browser

Essentials (new) and AccountRight Browser user now have access to the In Tray widget on their dashboard. The In Tray widget in the dashboard will:

  • Give more visibility to the In Tray feature
  • Make it easier for users to upload documents
  • Make it easier to check if there are new documents in the In Tray
New In Tray widget
A new ‘In Tray’ widget has been added to Essentials and AccountRight. (Click to view)

The new widget is located below the banking widget on the right of the dashboard.

For more information, on how to upload documents to the In Tray, please refer to our MYOB Online Help.

User access management

Users now the ability to automatically identify duplicate users and be able to edit or delete those from their lists.

Depending on your permission level, users will be able to access the users list screen and be able to remove access to certain users. A new ‘Remove access’ link will be present for users who have the permission to remove user access

User list updates: users can filter out their users list so they can display the information that is important to them. Users will now be able to filter user list based on:

  • Keywords
  • Invitation status
    • Invitation accepted
    • Access removed
    • Invitation sent
    • Invitation cancelled
    • Invitation expired


A new ‘Find and Replace’ feature sits under the Banking tab > Find Transaction. It has a powerful search to find the transactions with errors and a simple bulk select and replace feature that allows our partners and power users the ability to change either an account or tax/GST code to many transactions in seconds.

  • This feature is available under a BETA flag currently and we are seeking feedback with further enhancements planned in Q1 of 2020.
  • Further enhancements are to include more detailed audit reporting to keep track of who/when/what was replaced during the use of this feature.
Find and replace
The improved ‘Find and Replace’ tool in Banking. (Click to view)

Export Data

There’s also been a tax code mapping update.

When in the Import and export tab, users select ‘Sage Handiledger’ or ‘Reckon APS’ as their export file type under the Import and Export Data page, this means they’ll be able to map the MYOB Essentials/AccountRight tax codes to their corresponding tax codes used for Income and Expenses in HandiLedger or APS.

The mapped tax codes will then appear in the appropriate location within the export file saving time on the manual entry previously required.

MYOB Practice NZ

We haven’t forgotten about Practice, the teams have been working to deliver the 2021 Compliance release, which will be ready by New Zealand end of financial compliance time.

Online Invoice Payments – (Australia only)

MYOB is changing the way that customers are billed for fees and charges associated with online invoice payments.

Online Invoice Payment (OIP) customers can now nominate which bank account they would like fees and charges to be direct debited from on a monthly basis.

This is a cost saving feature for Practice customers who have SME customers on a ‘Partner Pay’s model’ as they have told us they do not want to absorb the fees and charges on behalf of the client. This feature allows for the set-up of a nominated bank account, that these OIP fees and charges will be direct debited from on a monthly basis

New OIP customer will complete this process when they are onboarded to the product. Existing customers will have the ability to edit the nominated bank account OIP fees are debited from.

Please note: This feature is only available for direct debit and is not available for credit card.

Links to help content:


Old Essentials:

New Essentials:

MYOB Team (Australia only)

MYOB Team has seen some new features switched on for its users in the last month.

New features include:

  • Split shift enabled — employees who work for multiple shifts in a day can successfully capture those hours and submit for approval.
  • Employees will be able to onboard via the MYOB Team app. Employees can submit or update their Superannuation, Tax and Bank details through MYOB Team reducing the time employers have to spend on administration including reducing the paper trail. Employees can update these details in the palm of their hand at any time rather than requesting a change through their manager/employer. All the details get saved in their employee card in AccountRight/Essentials.
  • View Payslips — new menu item added to the bottom navigation called ‘Payslips’ from MYOB Team v1.17.0 onwards.
    • Employees can now view their last three months of payslips within their MYOB Team mobile app.
    • Payslips are available in PDF format to be viewed via the device’s default PDF viewer. They can then be downloaded/saved or printed just like you would with any other PDF document from another other applications on the smartphone or tablet.
  • Leave management – MYOB Team app users will now see a ‘Leave’ menu on the latest version. the new feature to help businesses manage their employees’ leave through MYOB Team. Businesses can now create, review, and approve their employees’ leave to track their availability and reduce payroll errors. For more information about MYOB Team – Leave Management, please refer to the Leave Management section of the MYOB Team Online Help Guide.