MYOB IT Challenge


21st August, 2020

MYOB IT Challenge invites competitors from across Australia and New Zealand

Originally appearing at the University of Auckland in 2015 in partnership with the Management Consulting Club, now the MYOB IT Challenge has gone online, and international, with teams across Australia and New Zealand invited to compete.

While the coronavirus pandemic may be putting the brakes on the economy, it isn’t enough to dampen the spirit of innovation among Australia and New Zealand’s university students.

And that’s what MYOB is setting out to prove with the first online MYOB IT Challenge, which offers students the opportunity to create a new tech solution to a common business problem and have it held up as an exemplar to the international business community.

With registrations open until 2 September 2020, each team has just eight days to produce a 5-10 minute video about their proposed solution, along with a one-page executive summary.

The results will be judged by a panel of MYOB-picked experts from both business and education sectors, with finalists to be determined by 18 September. From there, the finalists go on to receive tailored mentoring and to further refine their ideas ahead of the official MYOB IT Challenge Trans-Tasman Finals Day on 25 September.

“The MYOB IT Challenge is a chance for students across Australia and New Zealand to showcase their talents by developing real-world IT solutions.

“Not only will students be challenged to determine business needs through market analysis, they will propose a workable solution that can be implemented over a short period of time,” said Greg Ellis, chief executive of MYOB.

The winners of this year’s MYOB IT Challenge will share in a prize pool currently valued at NZD$8,000.

Practical skills in a real-world test environment

Competitions like the MYOB IT Challenge have benefits at many levels for businesses, students and education providers.

For education institutions, these partnerships fit neatly into their aim to provide students with practical, on-the-job experiences.

In the case of the MYOB IT Challenge, it’s an opportunity to get hands-on with widely used business software.

Students benefit from the opportunity to apply what they’re learning, showcasing their skills and creativity to potential employers, and giving businesses a clearer idea of their potential as future workers.

And MYOB sees the importance of these initiatives as highlighted by modern business conditions.

“To get a real taste of what it’s like to work in a fast-paced environment, I’d encourage you to take on the challenge and use this unique experience to develop a deeper understanding of how your talents and passion can drive impactful change,” Ellis said. “Good luck.”

Education manager for MYOB, Shailan Patel echoed Ellis’ sentiment.

“Since its inception in 2015, the MYOB IT Challenge has given hundreds of students the opportunity to tackle real business problems,” said Patel.

“With the ever-changing future of work, it is inspiring to see the solutions students create using today’s technology.”

Winning is just one positive outcome

Past MYOB IT Challenge participants praise the initiative, with some graduates going on to see tangible benefits in their later study and post-study careers.

Winners of last year’s challenge with their app prototype, Vinta, Charlie Kavanagh and Corbyn Greenwood had no prior knowledge of how to build an app, but together through weeks of trial and error they created the winning prototype.

“We whole-heartedly believe in this application and know it is something that is needed, so to win and see other people passionate about our idea gave us the motivation to further develop Vinta’s application,” Kavanagh recently told The Pulse.

Since winning the challenge both have graduated from the University of Canterbury and started their careers, however their drive to further develop Vinta, has not wavered as they continue to develop the app as a side hustle with the help of one of the judges from last year’s final.

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