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18th December, 2023

MYOB investment in technology rewarded with CX Award win 

Over the past year, MYOB has made significant progress in enhancing customer support by investing in innovative technology to transform the support experience.

This investment in optimisng the customer experience has resulted in the prestigious Award for Best Use of Technology to Revolutionize CX at this year’s CX Awards, beating out some incredible competition like ANZ, MECCA Brands, and Optus.

This award recognises the substantial impact of MYOB’s virtual support agent, MOCA: MYOB’s Online Chat Assistant.

MOCA has grown to being able to answer over 1200 FAQs from our SME customers across multiple support platforms.

This was accomplished by investing in the technological capability of AI, all to help customers in a unified experience.

Creating a seamless customer experience

Small and medium business owners don’t have the time to endlessly search for the solutions they’re looking for.

They want help quickly and easily, so they can get back to running their business with solutions in hand.

That’s why we invested in MOCA, to meet business owners’ needs in a highly-reliable fashion.

Today MOCA operates across multiple support platforms, including MYOB Academy, My Account, as well as the help pages catering to our SME customers.

This ensures immediate and contextual assistance, while also helping to streamline the support experience.

Acting as a support concierge, no matter where MOCA is engaged, it delivers a consistent, integrated experience across all platforms.

MOCA also escalates customers to a support team member when further assistance is required.

MOCA can also provide contextual solutions based on where our customers engage with the virtual assistant.

For example, MOCA in My Account, which is the platform where our customers can manage their subscriptions, prompts the customer with shortcuts to the top support queries around billing and account management.

Additionally, MOCA integrates real-time information from MYOB Academy, our Community Forum, as well as our help pages.

MOCA offers suggestions depending on the question, delivering a support experience that connects all our platforms.

Leveraging technology and the power of AI

MOCA used the ChatGPT-3 engine to collate and format content for its knowledge database.

This use of AI helped to translate over 500 MYOB support articles into nearly 1000 optimised interactions, saving valuable time.

GPT-3 uses a defined set of URL links, ensuring more precise question-and-answer pairs.

The generated content was further tested and collaboratively reviewed to remove duplicate responses and confirm the accuracy of the content.

In addition, a proof-of-concept search system was developed, allowing MOCA to retrieve relevant articles based on customer queries.

The addition of new content in MOCA along with the search system allows customers to solve queries quickly and simply.

A positive impact

There have been more than 220,000 support sessions with MOCA this year so far, with an 87% accuracy rate for the over 1,200 product support answers MOCA has in its knowledge base.

Every interaction resolved within MOCA this year has meant one less customer having to spend time waiting for further assistance.

We actively collect customer feedback through quality surveys and conduct regular analysis of MOCA’s content performance.

This allows us to make the necessary adjustments to the natural language processing capabilities of MOCA, improve the accuracy of the content, and understand how we can improve the overall user experience.

MOCA will continue to play a key role in our digital support offering for our customers, helping customers to find the right answers to their product support questions, no matter where or when they need the help.

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