MYOB EXO 2016 Tax Seminars and Webinars

3rd March, 2016

Don’t let those missing details catch you out! Stay up to date on the latest payroll changes with a MYOB EXO Tax Seminar or Webinar.

MYOB EXO 2016 Tax Seminars and Webinars are filling fast

Payroll changes are coming in 2016. Join an MYOB EXO Tax Seminar and master the new payroll changes to comply with all of the latest legislation.

You’ll also discover all the product improvements we’ve made in EXO to streamline your pay runs in 2016.


Running from 27 February to 2 April, we’ll cover:

  • The 2016-17 tax and legislation changes and how to apply them
  • Exciting new EXO Employer Services Product features (we’ve been busy!)
  • Changes to pay screens
  • New ways to customise your toolbar
  • Updates to customisable payslips
  • Multiple report updates
  • Quick links to preview payslips direct to your current pay
  • Easier payslip report distribution
  • Product enhancements and more
  • Recap the Health and Safety Legislation (April 2016), and outline how EXO can now cater for this legislation.
  • An update from the MYOB Business Monitor giving you insights on NZ Business trends.
  • And much more


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