The 8 essentials of online accounting

31st March, 2015

MYOB Essentials online accounting

The making of MYOB Essentials focuses on three pillars: easy, on-the-go and better value for our clients.

MYOB Essentials not only covers all the essentials a small business needs, but it is also browser-based, which means you can access it from any device with an internet browser.

The MYOB Essentials range caters to a wide range of audience, from those running one-man shows to those running a business with staff. Here’s a taste of what you get:

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MYOB Essentials covers the eight must-haves of online accounting:

Necessity #1 – A snapshot of your business

The homepage shows the dashboard, which is designed to be simple, clean and captures the business’ financial standings.

Necessity #2 – Sales including quotes, and invoices

Create quotes, turn them into invoices and stay on top of your GST and BAS obligations easily.

Necessity #3 – Expenses

 MYOB Essentials lets you keep track of all the things you have to pay such as rent and supplier bills, and tells you when they are due.

Necessity #4 – Bank feeds

Bank feeds allows you to connect your bank account to MYOB Essentials. Every bank transaction will be synced into MYOB Essentials automatically. The transactions will then be matched to your sales, expense or any rules that you set.

Necessity #5 – Contacts

Keep track of all your business contacts in one place, especially those that owe you money.

Necessity #6 – Payroll

If you hire people, maintaining payroll will be a breeze with MYOB Essentials

Necessity #7 –  Fulfilling GST and BAS obligations

Preparing your BAS is super easy as MYOB Essentials can generate a GST report for you anytime, whether you submit your BAS quarterly or monthly.

Necessity #8 –  Reports

MYOB Essentials offer 30 reports on your business including GST, BAS, and Profit and Loss.

It doesn’t end there. MYOB Essentials connects to a range of add-ons, if you need more functions or have specific needs.


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