It’s time to set up eGST

The Inland Revenue Department want to make managing tax simpler for small businesses, and they’ve been tackling GST first.

You can now start filing your GST automatically through MYOB online accounting software to the IRD.

Here’s how it works: GST return data is prepopulated through MYOB software, based on your sales and purchases.

The return can then be sent securely to the IRD directly through a cloud-based platform, which means you no longer need to manually enter figures into a separate GST return and submit.

Here’s what that looks like in MYOB Essentials.

Currently the GST lodgement report only supports the one-month and two-month taxable periods.

The 6-month GST taxable period is currently not available for lodgement via eGST.

But don’t worry six-month filers, there’s good news for you too.

The IRD have recently launched My GST, it’s a new section in your myIR account.

Simply login to myIR to get started, and quickly and easily complete your GST lodgement.

You can pay your GST (if required) when you file your return without needing to log out.

We were really proud to be the first company in New Zealand to offer the eGST service to customers, and we’ve received sensational feedback from customers about the ease, accuracy and the speed in submitting the GST return.

It’s never been a better time to get online and take advantage of these great tools – get the time back and spend it on something more fun than doing your tax return!

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