Is the MYOB Tax & Compliance Seminar for you?

23rd March, 2016

Who should attend the 2016 Tax & Compliance Seminar this year?

Every accountant? Just the practice managers? Only those working in compliance?

Isn’t the information ‘out there’ anyway? What’s the point of paying for it?

To answer these questions, see if any of the following interest you. If they do, it’s fair to say you’ll get a lot out of the MYOB Tax & Compliance Seminar.

The great big “Should I attend the MYOB Tax & Compliance Seminar” test

If you answer YES to two or more of these statements, you should consider attending the MYOB Tax & Compliance Seminar

⇒ I want to know more about FY2016/17 tax changes

⇒ I want to hear from members of Inland Revenue’s Taxpayers’ Simplification Panel (at certain locations only)

⇒ I’m interested in the latest payroll advancements

⇒ I’d like to know more about what MYOB Portal can do

⇒ I want to learn how to convert the different accounting files my clients use into a single consistent workflow with the new MYOB Client Accounting

⇒ I want to learn how Tax Manager now automates many of my existing processes and provides more visibility into my clients’ ongoing tax affairs

⇒ I’m looking forward to getting new tax workbooks and tax tables

⇒ I need to earn CPD hours in 2016

⇒ I like free lunch

Seriously, the MYOB Tax & Compliance Seminar is a mighty opportunity to confirm your ducks are rowed correctly before tax season strikes. And if those mangled metaphors haven’t deterred you, here’s the place you can book in …


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