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28th November, 2023

Integration benefits: Squarespace, MYOB and Amaka

Why integrating Squarespace and MYOB via Amaka makes all the difference 

Running an online retail business? Squarespace is a fantastic platform for clean, visually appealing eCommerce.

But it’s not designed to keep your books in order.

That’s MYOB’s job.

If you want to use both these go-to tools, Amaka bridges the gap, helping you integrate the two powerful platforms for seamless business management and effortless syncing.  

Here’s a look at the business benefits of integration with Amaka:

Effortlessly sync sales data

The beauty of integrating Squarespace with MYOB via Amaka? It does all the heavy lifting and tedious admin for you.

Sales, refunds and taxes are automatically logged in MYOB, saving you time and guaranteeing accuracy.

As a result, with less manual data, you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business.

Integration benefits MYOB Business

Keep finances in one place

Linking your Squarespace store to your MYOB platform gives you a centralised source of financial data.

All your sales, expenses and other financial info from your Squarespace store are neatly organised in MYOB.

Furthermore, this gives you a clear, up-to-date view of your business’s financial health, making it easy to track costs, monitor profits, and generate precise financial reports.

No more tax headaches

Tackling taxes can be a headache, especially in eCommerce.

Squarespace sales tax information is automatically translated into your MYOB file with an Amaka integration.

Secondly, it even helps generate accurate tax reports, ensuring you’re on the right side of tax regulations for your area.

Less hassle, fewer mistakes and more time saved.

Boost customer relationships

Seamless integration and more insights mean stronger customer relationships.

Above all, MYOB gives insights into your customers’ buying habits, preferences and history.

With this info, you can tailor your marketing efforts, offer personalised deals, and boost customer satisfaction. 

More time, fewer errors 

Firstly, ditching manual data crunching doesn’t just save time — it reduces your chance of mistakes and mix-ups.

As a result, this means a lower risk of financial losses and more time for strategic business moves.

Simple, user-friendly setup 

Firstly, you don’t need to be a tech wizard to get an Amaka integration up and running.

Thanks to the simple installation process and user-friendly interface, setup and management couldn’t be easier.

Amaka offers an abundance of help articles to guide you.

Further, you can schedule a free, 30-minute Zoom call where one of Amaka’s CPA-trained and MYOB-certified Integration Specialists can walk you through the entire setup.

Growth without limits

Add new products, explore new markets, or expand your sales channels.

Additionally, this integration adapts to your changing needs to keep your financial management on point even as your business reaches new heights. 

Amaka solves automation challenges for eCommerce businesses

Your eCommerce dream team

Integrating your Squarespace store with MYOB through Amaka is a game-changer.

Also, it simplifies operations, provides crystal-clear financial insights, and lets you focus on what truly matters — growing your business.

Finally, with automation, centralised data and real-time updates, you can take your online venture to new heights. 

Want to unlock your Squarespace store’s full potential? Sign up for MYOB Business today.