Global Bookkeeping Week


10th November, 2021

Global Bookkeeping Week: Raise a cup for your business heroes

This Global Bookkeeping Week, MYOB pays homage to Australia and New Zealand’s key advisors in partnership with peak industry bodies ICNZB, ICB and ABN.

Bookkeepers play an integral role in the successful operation of business around the world, joining accountants as critical advisors to organisations of all kinds.

Businesses that engage a bookkeeper earlier in their lifecycle are generally more successful. That’s due at least in part because bookkeepers are no longer just the “keeper of the books”, they are skilled business advisors, understand the importance of digital transformation and help business to build efficient workflows.

“Bookkeepers have provided critical expertise, advice and a very human level of support to their business clients throughout the pandemic – all while managing the pandemic’s toll on their own businesses, teams and families,” said Leanne Berry, founder of bookkeeping firm Love Your Numbers, who has also recently joined MYOB as a community relations manager.

“It’s been tough – but bookkeepers are a tough, resilient and innovative bunch and have risen to the challenge.”

Global Bookkeeping Week 2021 comes to you

Global Bookkeeping Week is celebrated by bookkeeping organisations internationally, which run online and virtual events and training sessions to support bookkeepers in their respective locations.

In our part of the world, MYOB is partnering with the Institute of Certified New Zealand Bookkeepers (ICNZB), the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers Australia (ICB) and the Australian Bookkeepers Network (ABN) to run an online celebration event on the Friday of Global Bookkeeping Week.

The event is designed to be a fun community building celebration of bookkeepers and the positive impact they have on the tens of thousands of businesses they work with.

“Over the last two years, bookkeepers have been the unsung heroes for business across Australia and New Zealand,” said Berry.

“They spent long hours educating on ever changing government legislations for all the COVID-19 business support grants, they worked tirelessly to ensure their customers were supported and many even reduced or wiped fees to help their customers maintain their business.

“This deserves to be celebrated and I’m proud to be associated with a company like MYOB who supports and understands the value of this profession.”

So, this week, MYOB is asking all business operators and managers to join them in raising a cup for bookkeepers. Sharp-eyed readers may also spot MYOB’s video content on social media that poses the question ‘what would life without bookkeepers be like?”

If you’re a bookkeeper in Australia and New Zealand, pop in to our Global Bookkeeping Week celebration, to be hosted this Friday from 2-3pm AEDT.