For this graduate, MYOB is not just an accounting software company

12th September, 2016

When you’re preparing for an interview, naturally you research the company. That’s what I did when I prepared for a marketing internship position at MYOB.

I didn’t know much about MYOB. I found out via Wikipedia that it was an ‘accounting software company’. (Don’t worry – I did do more extensive research, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten far.)

I also found out that MYOB:

  • Started out in 1991 from a home office
  • Stood for ‘Mind Your Own Business’
  • Helps over 1.2 million businesses across both Australia and New Zealand
  • Won the BRW award for Most Innovative Large Company in 2015

I’ll be honest – as determined as I was to gain some actual industry marketing experience, I still wasn’t enamoured with the prospect of working for an accounting software company. I mean, I’m a graduate – the world’s at my feet (at least I hope it is). Did I really want to work for this type of business?

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

MYOB is so much more than just an accounting software company. It is a dynamic and innovative organisation that truly exists to help businesses succeed. This became apparent early on as I began my three months as an intern in November last year. Little did I know then how valuable that opportunity would turn out to be.

Having some experience in banking and finance, I thought it would be a good idea to wear a suit on my first day as an intern. Even though I looked and felt elegant, I quickly realised that this wasn’t the necessary dress code.

One other thing instantly stood out about this place: it was fast paced and yet everybody was very approachable and accommodating.

Within that three months my experience varied from assisting with INCITE, the yearly roadshow, to co-developing a marketing research project from end to end.

The leaders in my team genuinely cared about my career development and so rather than monotonous tasks, I was given relevant hands-on experience. It was this vibrant working environment combined with something new to engage in that kept me eager to come into work every day.

After three months, I was offered the opportunity to stay on in a graduate capacity. Unsurprisingly, I jumped at that opportunity.

As a graduate, I have the autonomy to manage various campaigns and projects and yet I am also continuously learning, surrounded by a breadth of knowledge and experience around me to fast-track my development. I am challenged and encouraged to contribute ideas, regardless of inexperience.

Being impressed by the MYOB ethos as an intern, I am able to really immerse myself in it as a graduate. From award ceremonies with salsa dancers to ‘hack days’ there is never a dull moment within our offices. Yet all of this fun is underpinned by an enthusiasm from our people to help small business owners flourish in their daily lives.

(Having a PlayStation and FIFA in the office doesn’t do anything to diminish my opinion either. I am a millennial after all.)

Culture, driven by people, is paramount to the success of an organisation. This one of the key factors for why I believe MYOB will thrive well into the future.

Sometimes it can be complex to define a culture within an organisation, yet there’s a recurring theme among ‘MYOBians’. You see, if you work at MYOB you’re likely to possess three distinct qualities: you’re passionate, ambitious and somewhat quirky. This is what makes MYOB a stimulating place to work.

Throughout the remainder of the year, I have the opportunity to gain further exposure within different marketing teams and across different digital projects. I’m also excited about how this organisation is evolving. With the recent opening of the tech hub in Richmond, there are limitless possibilities in innovation.

Clearly there’s a strong culture here. This is what drew me in very early on and what makes ‘MYOBians’ stick around.

Regardless of whether you’re a student, graduate or looking for new job opportunities, do some investigation into the values of an organisation. It will make the world of difference on your daily experience. If you find yourself working in a dynamic organisation similar to MYOB, you will have done well.

As it turns out, Wikipedia wasn’t wrong. We are in the technical industry of ‘accounting software’, but we’re so much more than just that.

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