Five things the new guy learned at MYOB Partner Connect

14th September, 2015

I’ve been with MYOB for a couple of months now as the Partner Program Manager. In that time I’ve chatted with a number of passionate Partners that have made me feel both welcomed and challenged. Challenged in a good way. Challenged to bring partners ever closer to MYOB and to continue to provide value in the partnership.

That’s the way of business nowadays, isn’t it? We no longer work in silos. In 2015 it’s about working together in partnership. And partnership is a two-way street. And business is better for it.

Speaking of getting close to partners, that’s the premise of MYOB Partner Connect – our month-long Bookkeeper, Certified Consultant and MYOB Partner event taking in the big centres in New Zealand and Australia.

I’ve been lucky enough to speak to many of you over the last month about MYOB’s Partner Program. It’s been humbling, exhilarating, tiring, energising, hilarious, informative and full of laughter. Here are the five things that have stood out for me.

Josh’s five big observations from Partner Connect

1) Partners are passionate 

The passion that you show for your clients is very real and very powerful. I’ve been taken aback by the focus many of you have on your clients. Whether you’ve got a handful of clients or a portfolio, there’s a territorial pride shown in your care and attention. It’s incredibly heartening and inspiring.

2) Partners want to learn more 

In particular, Partners want to know how to help their clients. And how to market their clients’ businesses. Social media is really becoming powerful for bookkeepers as well. I can see a future where the industry augments its primary services with specialised marketing and social media advice for clients. I think it’s an untapped market and huge opportunity.

3) Partners want to partner more with MYOB 

I alluded to this in the intro and I’ll say it again – I’ve been overwhelmed by the number of Partners who want a closer relationship with MYOB. I’m working closely with my team and a number of you to make that happen. What does it look like? I’ll be presenting a full update on the Partner Program at the MYOB 2016 Roadshow in February. Keep your diary free.

4) Partners know MYOB solutions inside out 

And you are the key to businesses getting the most out of their software. I had an epiphany that Partners really are MYOB’s frontline in educating businesses in our software.

5) Solutions are where it’s at 

Add-ons allow you to do more for your clients than just the standard software. That’s a fairly odd statement coming from a software maker, but the truth is you can’t expect one piece of software to solve every business problem. It’s the add-ons that make a solution, and this is an area Partners can really make a name for themselves – by becoming solutions advisors for their clients.

At the time of writing, I have one more Partner Connect event to go – in Melbourne. And if I see you there, I can promise you one thing – the feedback you give me and my colleagues will be put to good use.

To join the conversation on Twitter at Partner Connect in Melbourne, be sure to use the #MYOBPC hashtag.