Celebrating Kiwi’s Best Kitchen at the Fieldays

26th May, 2015

Not since the late 80’s heyday of Hudson and Halls has there been such a keen focus on kiwi food. No, no, I’m not referring to the Great Food Race or MKR, I’m talking about Kiwi’s Best Kitchen – an absolute must-see at Fieldays this year.

Now in the interests of full disclosure, I admit I’m inspired to write about KBK (all good cooking shows deserve an initialism, IMO) because of MYOB’s sponsorship of the event. But it’s more than that for me. So long defined by its primary production and export capabilities, it’s exciting to see New Zealand taking its rightful place as a foodie country (for want of a better term).

And not just food: NZ beers and coffees are spoken of in awe by returning international tourists and for good reason – they’re world class. Australians can only dream of the craft beer industry that has gripped New Zealand in its hoppy glory. As a Melbourne kiwi, that’s certainly true for me.

Proud sponsors of Kiwi’s Best Kitchen 2015

Of course it’s not all eating and drinking for the MYOB team at Fieldays. If you’ve got clients exhibiting at Kiwi’s Best Kitchen, you probably already know that we’re providing Kounta point-of-sale to help make sales easier. If your clients are exhibiting, and they haven’t heard about this yet, get in touch with your MYOB Partner Manager and they can help sort it out for you.

So if you fancy another reminder of New Zealand’s coolness (the Fonzie cool, not the temperature one), get along to Kiwi’s Best Kitchen at the Fieldays.

And if you have a hunger of a different type, do come and visit our stand so you can tuck into the delicious BankLink and business software offers available. You’ll find us at PE 52, Mystery Creek Pavilion.


Fieldays map courtesy