Building your tradie business? These four people are essential on your team

3rd August, 2017

A great tradie is only as good as their support crew, but often they’re left as the last piece of the puzzle to put in place.

Tradies often get caught out when going out on their own because they staff up with great subbies and sort out their suppliers to gets jobs done – but it takes more than that to create a great business.

Who do you need to make sure your construction business can go to the next level?

Here’s how to find your support crew:

Graphic Designer

Getting your graphic design right from the beginning is so important because you’re going to need a logo that looks great on your website, on your quotes and invoices, on your social media platforms and on your trucks.

If you’re not used to working with designers and aren’t really sure where to find one, 99 Designs is a great option.

There you’ll be helped through writing your brief, and after you choose your package options, designers will submit ideas.

You can decide which outline resonates with you, and then work with your chosen designer to create a final logo.

Social Media Superstar

Social media can get relegated to the too-hard basket, but it’s an essential part of business marketing.

Managing your social media really is as simple as finding the right freelancer to get it sorted for you.

CloudPeeps is a US-based business that was set up by an entrepreneur from Melbourne.

It’s a community of social media and content professionals and you can post your job into it, then choose from the applicants to find a good match.

The right social media manager will have creative ideas about how you can represent your business online, be able craft creative copy for your posts, and respond to existing customers and potential leads across your platforms.

Web Designer

Finding a web designer doesn’t have to be stressful, and building your website doesn’t have to be expensive.

Envato Studio collects together web design professionals from all over the world. Their ‘studio’ is somewhere that digital professionals can come to sell their wares, but it’s designed to be very user friendly.

If you haven’t used Envato before, you should know that this quiet achiever is now one of Australia’s most successful startups.

If you’ve ever checked your spam folder, you’ve probably had a lot of offers from various companies offering very cheap web design and development. The problem is, that you do get what you pay for.

Using a service like Envato Studio gives you a result that’s inexpensive, as far as web design goes, but with the security of dealing with professionals backed by a reputable company.


A growing business needs reliable systems, and keeping your accounts in order is crucial.

Unless you’ve made a career change from accountancy, it’s time to call on the services of an expert, and find a bookkeeper to work with.

When you’re working with a bookkeeper it can be really helpful to have someone who you can go and meet with face to face, or who can come and spend some time maintaining the books in your office.

You can use Google to shortlist some bookkeepers in your area.

It’s worthwhile asking whether they have worked with trades businesses before, and it’s important to check that your potential new tax agent is properly registered.


When you’re choosing the people and platforms you’re going to work with, look for a commitment to time saving, the ability to look after your business as it grows and a practical approach to the realities of getting a business off the ground.

After all, a solid business is the sum of a lot of parts.