7 tips to boost leads from your business website

18th March, 2016

Your business website is a powerful tool to generate growth and success by increasing leads, sales and revenue.

Here are seven things you can do to boost leads generated by your website.

1. Research

Ask customers or colleagues to constructively critique your site design and navigation.

Find out their ‘pain points’ — that is, the step in the buying or sales enquiry process that is the hardest to get past. Make changes to remove or mitigate for them. For those with a budget, try Usabilla to gather site feedback.

2. Test layout and content options

Test different content and call-to-action elements. Change a headline, body copy, or try different positions for the call-to-action (e.g. subscribe button or contact form).

Use learnings to continually improve the site.

3. Track behaviour flow in Google Analytics

Check out a tool called ‘Behaviour Flow’ in your Google Analytics account (access via ‘Behaviour’ link) that visualises the path through your site.

You’ll learn what content visitors are interested in — and just as importantly, what they are not interested in.

4. Use pop-ups

Add a pop-up to appear on entry or exit from your site with tools like Pop Up Domination.

Pop-ups can help to push e-newsletter subscriptions, request a call back, or follow a social channel.

5. Simplify

Objectively review your website and find ways to simplify it.

Streamline copy. Remove unnecessary images.

Even small edits can be effective to improve the visitor experience.

6. Add video

A short video (maximum two minutes) can tell your business story or showcase a product. It’s widely acknowledged that video is becoming an effective online tool to engage audiences.

7. Install live chat

Potential customers often want to go from web browsing to talking very quickly. Live chat software (of which there are many) is a proven method to engage a prospective customer.

Read reviews on live chat software here.