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What’s new in MYOB Practice

This page lists new features and improvements for all areas of MYOB Practice.

If you can't find one of these features or enhancements in MYOB Practice, clear your browser's cache and refresh the MYOB Practice tab. If you still can't see it, your practice may not have access to that feature.

Activity statements and tax improvements

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    Individual tax returns are available to MYOB AE/AO users.

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    Other return types are available if you're in the Early Access Program (EAP).

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    Activity statements are available to all users who can access MYOB Practice. 

April 2024


23 April - Tax validation message

You'll see a message to warn you if you approve a tax return that has validation errors or hasn't been validated, with an option to continue or go back and validate.

Return validation message

23 April - Filter tax returns by the client’s office category

This information only applies if you have MYOB Practice and MYOB AE/AO

If you applied multiple office categories to your clients in MYOB AE/AO, you can filter by office on the MYOB Practice Compliance list in All clients view. For example, if you want to find all tax returns or activity statements from clients with an office category of Melbourne.

Office filter option expanded
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    The Office filter option is useful if you applied multiple office categories to your clients in MYOB AE/AO.

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    Filtering Office by None will include listing clients that have the default office value of UNSPECIFIED in AE/AO.

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    To see the Offices in the MYOB Practice Compliance filters, you need AE or AO version 5.4.50 (2023.3) released April 2024.

23 April - Individual tax returns are now available

We've released Individual tax returns in MYOB Practice.

If you use MYOB AE/AO, you can prepare and lodge individual tax returns in MYOB Practice Tax. See our onboarding guide on how to set up and get started.

15 April - Easily find and fix errors as you enter data in a tax return

We’ve improved error validations in individual tax returns and schedules. This makes sure the information you're entering is accurate and helps you avoid ATO rejections.

  • See errors as you type

    While entering data into certain fields, we'll check for any errors and display a message in red below the field so you can fix it straight away.

  • Go directly to the source of the error

    For any validation errors, just click the error message to go directly to the field that needs attention. This means you can find and fix errors quickly without searching.

This feature is available on the

  • Individual tax return fields

  • Schedules that are completed to enter income such as salary and wages, interest income etc.

  • Rental property schedule

  • Deductions schedule

We're planning to introduce it across other form types and schedules.

March 2024


15 March - Quick view of the tax estimate
You can now get a running balance of the taxable income and tax payable or refundable on top of the tax return.
This gives you quick visibility of estimated amounts based on what's currently entered in the tax return.

What are the fields displayed?

Return type

Fields displayed

Individual and Company

- Taxable income
- Tax payable/tax refundable

Trust and Partnership

- Taxable income

12 March - Populating distributions from trust and partnership income amounts into individual tax return
When you distribute to an individual beneficiary in a trust return or to an individual partner in a Partnership return, the amounts will automatically populate the individual tax return labels you're distributing into.

This feature is available only when distributing into an individual tax return. Distributing to non-individual tax return types is coming soon.

February 2024


1 February - Improvements to moving a tax return from MYOB AE/AO to MYOB Practice
You'll have a better experience when moving tax returns from AE/AO to MYOB Practice thanks to many improvements we've made throughout the process.

Moving a tax return from AE/AO to MYOB Practice is supported for IITR, CTR, PTR and TRT in 2022 and later years.

  • The Move the tax return online window's performance, visuals, descriptions and linked resources have been updated and improved.

  • The Live button with the cloud icon at the top of AE/AO is now called MYOB Practice.

    A blue cloud icon above the text MYOB Practice
  • Previously, you'd need to create, rollover, open and close a tax return in AE/AO before you could open the Move the tax return online window.
    Now the Move the tax return online window opens as soon as you click Create Return in AE/AO.

  • Previously, with some computer screen resolutions, the Move the tax return online window would be cropped. Now it'll look good with all resolutions.

  • Previously, the Move the tax return online window would momentarily not be viewable when you click the Move the return online button. Now this won't happen when you click the button.

  • Previously, when moving the return was finished and you closed the Move the return online window without launching the return, there'd be nothing on the AE/AO window to indicate that the return was moved.
    Now, the AE/AO window will automatically refresh and show the new return with a little cloud icon next to it, indicating it's a return in MYOB Practice.

    Cloud icon next to a return row
  • Previously, after moving a return to MYOB Practice, you may have seen errors for your assets. This was caused by the depreciation worksheet in AE/AO not requiring an asset class, while MYOB Practice does require an asset class.
    Now, we've fixed this by adding a Default Asset Class value in Client Files > Assets. You can transfer the asset class after moving the return to MYOB Practice at your convenience, instead of needing to fix all the assets before being able to move returns without issue.

  • If you experience an issue with the migration process, you'll see more detailed error messages than before, most with links to more help.

Learn more about the process in the following pages:

January 2024


24 January - More ways to find a tax return
Above the list of returns on the Compliance page:

  • there's a new field that lets you filter by manager

  • the Search field lets you search by client code.

9 January - Focus on information in schedules with a cleaner interface
When you open a schedule, it'll expand to fill the whole browser tab. Other settings, menus and the client sidebar will be hidden. You'll see the client name and client code above the schedule.

December 2023


18 December

Changes to ATO pre-fill in MYOB Practice

In MYOB Practice, you can now pre-fill a tax return multiple times with the ATO pre-fill data. This saves time when completing a tax return and ensures that data is accurate.

Pre-filling tax return multiple times is available for tax returns created after 1 December 2023. For any returns before that date, you can enable this feature by deleting and re-creating the return.

15 December

2023 Individual tax return

Borrowing expenses worksheet

In a Rental property schedule, you can use the borrowing expenses worksheet to calculate the expenses directly incurred in taking out a loan for the property.

New navigation menus

We've changed some of the menu items in the top navigation bar as part of our new and improved experience. There are no changes to the functionality of the software, just a fresh new name.

You'll notice:

  • Contacts is now called Clients with a submenu of Client list and Portal list.

  • Transaction processing is now called Client files with submenus for Online files and Desktop files.

  • Compliance is now called Activity statements or Tax (see note below).

    If you're part of the Early Access Program for MYOB Practice tax, you'll see Tax in the menu. For all users of Practice, you can access activity statements on the same page.

    Activity statements menu

13 December

Choosing Postal address tax returns in MYOB Practice

  • On the Front cover of a tax return, you now have the option to choose between Tax agent's or client's postal address and decide where the ATO communications should be sent. Learn more.

Trust and Partnership returns

  • In a 2023 Trust and partnership tax return, we've added a Distribution summary in the Distributions section. This will display a summary of the beneficiaries and partners.

Trust summary

Partnership Summary

11 December

Improved tax return navigation experience

Example of tax return page with the new navigation improvements
  • The navigation panel is moved from the right of the page to the left.

  • The navigation panel will highlight which section and subsection you're in to help you quickly scan the list of sections and see where you’re located.

  • Each section of the navigation panel has its own scroll bar, instead of the one scroll bar for the whole panel. When you scroll one section, the other sections will no longer be scrolled out of view.

  • The Tax workpapers & schedules section is now called Schedules and worksheets and is divided into subsections for both of these types of attachments.

  • You may notice some other changes to the navigation bar order to create a consistent experience.

  • When you scroll through a tax return, the section header will remain at the top of the page so that you always know which section you’re in.

  • When you open a tax return, the Contacts side menu will be hidden to let you focus on the tax return. You can always show the side menu again by clicking Open side menu (the > greater than symbol) or by pressing the square bracket ([) keyboard shortcut.

Open side menu option on the left of MYOB Practice

Franking account worksheet improvements

  • In a 2023 Company tax return, when completing a Franking account worksheet, the opening balance will now integrate into Items 8P and 8M. You can choose to use the Franking worksheet or enter the amounts manually in the labels.

November 2023


20 November

  • 2023 Partnership tax returns
    We've made the following enhancements to the Distributions section:

    • The Partnership distribution is now available within the tax return.

8 November

  • 2023 trust tax returns
    We've made the following enhancements to the Distributions section:

    • Total distributable amounts will automatically populate from the tax return labels

    • You can enter a distribution percentage for beneficiaries that will automatically calculate the distributable income based on the percentage share.

      Learn more

October 2023


20 October

  • 2023 tax returns - Contact name integrates from AE/AO
    In a company, trust, or partnership return if you have an employee assigned in MYOB AE/AO under the Responsibility tab, you'll be able to select the names under the Agent details in the tax return created in MYOB Practice.

  • 2023 tax returns - Displaying identifiers in workpapers and schedules
    We've made it easier to identify the work papers and schedules with a unique identifier. For example, a rental property schedule will display the street name, and a motor vehicle schedule will display the make and model of the vehicle.

  • 2023 Company return
    We've added the motor vehicle expenses worksheet to a 2023 Company tax return. You can use this worksheet to calculate the motor vehicle expenses and integrate into the relevant label in the tax return.

4 October

  • More ways to add comments to tax returns and activity statements

    In September we introduced the ability to add comments to the Compliance page.

    Now you can also add comments when you open an individual tax return or activity statement from the Compliance page. You can add and view the comment from the Assets, Tax return or Documents sub tabs.

    Comments button and icon highlighted at the top of a tax return above the Assets, Tax return and Documents tabs

    Comments are synced between an opened tax return or activity statement and the Compliance list views.
    Learn more about adding comments.

1 October

  • Front cover information in the tax return (Individual, Company, Trust and Partnerships)
    When you add a new tax return in MYOB Practice, some of the front cover details will integrate from the client details. This will save time as most of the mandatory fields such as TFN, Name, and addresses, are populated.

    You can edit these fields in the tax return but the details will not integrate to AE/AO. That's why recommend making any changes in MYOB AE/AO.

September 2023


27 September

  • Make notes about tax returns and share your thoughts with your colleagues
    You can add comments to tax returns to track and share information with other users in your practice. Learn more about adding comments.

1 September

  • 2023 Individual tax return:
    We've added a new field STP Finalised to the following workpapers:

  • Salary and Wages payment summary

  • Employment termination payment summary 

  • Foreign employment income payment summary.

This field is populated by ATO pre-fill. The values in the STP finalised field are:

  • TRUE - Data is finalised via Single Touch Payroll (STP). Review the data and lodge the return.

  • FALSE - Data is not finalised via STP. Check the data before lodging the return.

    If your data isn't finalised, you can't pre-fill the tax return again using ATO pre-fill. This field is not lodged to the ATO.

  • N/A - this indicates the payer has submitted their finalised payment summaries for the payee using the PSAR or EMPDUPE arrangements. You'll need to manually complete the details.

  • Trust and partnership returns

    • We've added the Motor vehicle expenses workpaper. You'll be able to allocate the motor vehicle expenses to the required income item, such as rental or business income.

  • Company tax return improvements

    • When you enter amounts in the tax return, it will now integrate into the Calculation statement. This will then apply relevant tax offsets (in the priority order) and the tax on taxable income is calculated.

August 2023


31 August

  • Improvements to working with workpapers and schedules

    • When you enter data in a workpaper or schedule and the changes are automatically saved, you'll see a message saying "Autosaved. Close browser tab when done." This helps you know that it's safe to navigate away from the page without losing data.

    • Your browser tab title shows the name of the workpaper or schedule that's opened, along with initials to help identify the client or contact (for example, WN). This makes it easier to switch between tabs without gettings lost when you have multiple MYOB Practice tabs open. Previously, all MYOB Practice tabs had the same title.

      Three MYOB Practice web browser tabs. The first called "MYOB Practice", the second called "Interest (2023)" and the third called "Deduction schedule (2023)".

    • The workpaper or schedule name will remain displayed at the top of the page if you scroll down the page. This makes it easier to remember which workpaper or schedule you're in if you switch to another tab or window and then return to the workpaper or schedule.

24 August

  • Trust and partnership returns

    • We've added new workpapers:

  • Distribution received - partnership

  • Distribution received - trust

  • Rental property schedule
    You can edit all Ownership share and Private use fields where the values were automatically populated using the small pen icon located in the field. To reset the value, click the reset icon.

3 August

  • Improved tax return header
    We've improved the header area at the top of tax returns. Most of the changes were made to display the information in a way that uses less space, so that you see more of the tax return by default. Here's what's changed:

    • Replaced the AssetsTax return and Documents tiles with smaller tabs.

    • Moved the status indicator (for example, Not started) next to the tax return title.

    Example of the new header.

    The top of a tax return page showing an Individual tax return title, Not started status, Period date range and the tabs Assets, Tax return and Documents.

1 August

  • 2023 Individual, Trust and Partnership tax return - Rental property schedule
    You can edit all Ownership share and Private use fields where the values were automatically populated using the small pen icon located in the field. To reset the value, click the reset icon.

    Ownership share field with a value of 5,000.00, and Private use amount field with a value of 700.00.

July 2023


12 July

  • Quickly see the most relevant activity statements and tax returns
    The Compliance Period filter defaults to the current financial year.

    Period field highlighted in the row of filters.

5 July

  • Tax compliance for 2023 is here!
    You've got all the latest updates you need for the new tax year, including:

    • Reducing compliance costs for self education

    • Removal of low and middle income tax offset

    • Small business skills and training boost

    • Small business technology investment boost

    Learn more about changes to 2023 tax compliance.

  • Company returns
    We've added new workpapers:

    • Distribution workpapers:

      • Distribution received - partnership

      • Distribution received - trust

      Tax workpapers & schedules panel with "Distributions received - partnership" and "Distributions received - trust" highlighted.

    • Foreign income workpaper:

      Tax workpapers & schedules panel with "Foreign income" highlighted.

  • Individual returns
    We’ve split the Payment summaries and income statements schedule into 6 separate schedules:
    Salary or wages payment summary

    • Foreign employment income payment summary

    • Employment termination payment summary

    • Australian superannuation income stream payment summary

    • Australian superannuation lump sum payments

    • Attributed personal services income payments

    Learn more about updates to the Income details schedule.

May 2023


29 May

  • Data validation of mandatory fields
    We'll now display errors if you've not completed mandatory fields in a tax return. Clicking the error will take you to the specific field that is missing the data. Learn more.

12 May

April 2023


20 April

  • Import from ledger
    You can import the values from MYOB Business or AccountRight ledger into an activity statement. Learn more

5 April

  • Revising an activity statement
    You can now revise an activity statement in MYOB Practice. Learn more.

March 2023


31 March

  • Better staff management for tax-related tasks
    You can now turn on roles that let you decide which staff in your practice can approve, unlock and lodge tax returns. Learn more about the new tax roles.

January 2023

  • Auto-create activity statements using ATO reports
    We'll automatically create the activity statement from the Activity statement lodgment report (ASLR) and ATO data is pre-filled when you access the statement. Learn more.

    The auto-create activity statements is not available for all. If you would like to use this feature, contact support so we can switch it on for your practice.

  • Filtering activity statements if lodged by your client
    You can filter the statements lodged by your client from your outstanding list of obligations. Learn more.

31 January

25 January

12 January

  • Partnership and Trust returns - Rental property schedule
    You can now add private use amounts to the rental property schedule.

3 January

  • Printing changes and enhancements
    We've made enhancements to printing with new formats, and page breaks. You can print the workpapers that are attached to a tax return. Learn more

Partner Hub improvements

December 2023


6 December

February 2023


To find the Partner Hub, select Practice (the stack of three squares) on the left side of MYOB Practice.

23 February

  • Improvements to finding your way around the Partner Hub
    We've added a new navigation bar to the top of the Partner Hub, so that you can easily find everything you need to know about the Partner Program and your team activity.

Client files and Contacts

January 2024


15 January

  • Adding columns to the Online files page
    Click the Columns icon to add and remove the columns displayed.

October 2023


4 October

  • Import contacts in bulk

    Quickly add multiple contacts by downloading a CSV template, entering their details, and import the CSV into MYOB Practice. Learn more about importing in bulk.

September 2023


26 September

May 2023


11 May

February 2023


8 February

  • A better look and feel 
    We’ve improved the visuals in MYOB Practice. You may notice a difference in the colours, buttons and other areas. These changes improve accessibility, making MYOB Practice easier to read and work with. 

    This just changes the way things look; you don’t have to learn anything new and the way you work won’t change.

January 2023


18 January

In-product help improvements

June 2023


MYOB Practice in-product help is here!

Learn about the workflows by watching a video, reading our Help pages, or taking a quick tour without having to leave the product.

The Contacts page showing a collapsible "About this page" panel, with a video and text about using the Contacts page, and links to a tour and more help.

You'll see this banner on the following pages in MYOB Practice

  • Transaction Processing

  • Contacts

  • Portals

  • Compliance list page

  • Activity Statements

Use the toggle button (up arrow) on the top right of the panel to close the window if you no longer need it.