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Printing an estimate and tax return, worksheets and schedules

You can download a PDF copy of the tax return and schedules and the tax estimate.

There are 2 options when printing a tax return with schedules,

  • Full return and schedules (including blank labels)

  • Summary of the return and schedules.

To view and download the tax return/tax estimate

  1. On the right of the tax return, click Preview (PDF)

  2. In the Preview documents window shows:

    • Tax estimate: The tax estimate for individual and company returns only.

    • Tax return and schedules - completed fields only: The tax return labels and schedules where data has been entered.

    • Tax return and schedules - full: All tax return labels and schedules where data has been entered.

    • Worksheets: Any worksheets that are completed. This is selected by default when selecting the tax return options.

    • Draft watermark: If you select this option, the word DRAFT will appear across the page when previewing and printing.

    • Mask TFN: Select this option to hide the TFN in the tax return. The preview and a downloaded copy will show Recorded in the TFN field.

    • Download: Click to download a pdf copy of the documents.

    • Preview: Click to preview the document in another tab. use the download arrow to download a PDF copy of the document.