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Pre-fill data from ATO (Individual tax returns only)

Key points

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    You can pre-fill from the tax year 2020 onwards for an individual tax return.

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    If you have created a tax return after 1 December 2023, you'll be able to prefill ATO data multiple times. The Pre-fill from ATO button will always be active.

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    For returns created before 1 December 2023, you can enable pre-filling multiple times by deleting and adding the tax return again.

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    During the pre-fill, the schedules will be auto-created

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    The pre-fill data will be populated in the income details schedule and will then flow into the respective tax return items.

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    You can edit the pre-fill data if required.

Pre-filling multiple times

For any tax returns created after 1 December 2023, you'll be able to pre-fill ATO data multiple times. Returns created before this date can be deleted and recreated to enable pre-filling multiple times.

When you pre-fill for the first time, the pre-fill data will be available in the schedules and integrated into the tax return labels.
If you need to pre-fill for the second time, it will overwrite any previously pre-filled data. This means that if you've edited any ATO pre-fill data, it will be overwritten. Any new pre-fill data will be added as a new record.

If you have manually entered data in the schedule, it will be retained.

Auto creation of schedules

After the pre-fill data is downloaded, the relevant schedules are created automatically created and pre-filled with the data from the ATO.

For example, if there's interest income from the ATO pre-fill report, the Income details schedule will be created and the data will be populated in the label in the tax return.


  • What if the pre-fill fails?
    If the pre-fill fails, you'll see an error and need to contact MYOB support.

  • Can I view the pre-filled fields and the ATO pre-fill report?
    No, you can't view the pre-fill report or the pre-filled fields, yet. If you want to check the data from the ATO, download the pre-fill report from ATO online services.