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4 ways to worry less about cash flow

Cash flow, as the name suggests, is about the movement of money in and out of your business.

While your accountant may talk about a statement of cash flow which involves looking also at the balance of bank accounts, many of the cash problems a business

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Hour of power

Say kids, what time is it?


Remember Prince Planet?

Use of his superpowers drained his pendant P.

Failure to recharge made him a vulnerable mortal.

I think running a business is like that.

I wonder if you agree.


What is time?

Dad and I were toasting the spontaneous relocation of

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Make every paperclip count

Every paperclip counts when you operate your own business.

When you are responsible for your own bills, spending really comes under scrutiny and this month provides an additional reminder about using what you already have.

October is ‘Buy Nothing New Month’, a great collaborative campaign by a

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How to do yourself out of a thousand bucks

Greater love hath no man.


Last month, two prospects offered to pay me for stuff they didn’t need.

I talked them both out of it.

Am I crazy?

Let’s see.

What you ordered, not what you wanted

Have you ever demanded a particular restaurant meal?

The waiter advised

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