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26th October, 2023

MYOB CRM eliminates multiple systems and streamlines sales and operations

Like many small businesses, you may start out by using spreadsheets and emails to manage your sales and customer relationships.

However, these practices become harder to manage as your customer base grows as they don’t provide visibility of sales processes.

With greater volumes to process, it’s easier for mistakes to happen resulting in a poorer customer experience.

An affordable wholistic operating system

For BluSky Products, a flooring materials supplier, this was a familiar scenario.

“We had a series of Excel spreadsheets that we had to manage,” Wayne Gates, Managing Director says.

“We had people on the phone to each other internally or shouting down the warehouse, trying to get answers for the customer and salespeople not knowing where things were.”

Wayne and the team knew the status quo wasn’t sustainable, so they brought sales and operations online to gain real-time visibility into their business processes.


However, they didn’t want the expense of running multiple systems or the costs of integrating them.

“We could find systems that would do accounting, systems that would do inventory, systems that would do CRM. Tall Emu was the only system we found that was able to give us an overall system,” Wayne says.

MYOB CRM, also branded as Tall Emu CRM, is designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses that sell, make, or distribute physical products and need end-to-end business software.

Wayne describes it as “a wholistic operating system that’s totally affordable for a small business.”

MYOB CRM like a “mini-ERP”

MYOB CRM is Australian developed, supported, and hosted business management software for the Australian and New Zealand market.

It integrates natively with MYOB and Xero accounting software, automatically keeping track of sales, business income and expenses.

This means you can manage your books with ease, while remaining compliant with the tax authorities.


As a full function CRM, the solution allows businesses to generate quotes quickly and easily.

This was particularly important for Adam Pope, Director at Fabulous Catering as the company receives 60-70 sales leads a day that it needs to turn into quotes.

MYOB CRM allows you to generate web-based quotes that you can email or SMS to your customers that they can sign or accept online.

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When customers accept quotes, this data syncs with your accounting system, saving on data entry and keeping your records up to date.

Adam said that since implementing MYOB CRM, Fabulous Catering has saved a huge amount of time both in administration and in the kitchen. Now everyone has the information they need when they need it.

“I’d definitely recommend Tall Emu to anyone looking for an efficient, customisable CRM solution,” he says.

A CRM with extensive integration possibilities

One of the key benefits of MYOB CRM is that you can build out the business management platform that’s right for you.

The solution comes with integrations to many of the tools you use, so you can extend functionality to meet needs.

For example, MYOB CRM integrates with website lead forms, bank feeds, Google Maps, WooCommerce,  Stripe, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp and more.

As such, the CRM provides visibility of the end-to-end customer experience, enabling a high level of service as well as the potential for personalised marketing to help drive future sales.

Businesses can also view their sales pipeline to see volume of leads, which stage deals are at and assign leads to specific team members.


Built-in inventory management

Another key differentiator of MYOB CRM is its inventory management capabilities.

This functionality is included in the subscription. It’s not an add-on as it may be with other solutions.

Having inventory software integrated with your CRM and accounting system is hugely beneficial for accurate, efficient business and financial management.

This inventory software tracks your sales and automatically re-orders stock when levels fall to your re-order point.

It takes the guesswork out of inventory planning, giving you visibility into what is and isn’t selling.

As an integrated solution, MYOB CRM enables you to fulfil customer orders quickly, while providing you with data and insights.

MYOB CRM also offers multi-location management of stock and serviceable assets, batch and serial number tracking, multi-currency calculations, landing cost calculations, and make-to-order capabilities for manufacturing companies.

Sales and operations

Start with MYOB CRM

Feature-rich and easy to use, MYOB CRM is a management system suitable for many different types of SMEs.

View a customisable demo to discover whether the system matches your needs. Simply pick and choose which features of the CRM are of most interest to you.

Additionally, you can also start a 14-day free trial (no credit card required).

You have the keys, take MYOB CRM for a test drive today!

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