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7th September, 2023

Accelerate business growth with MYOB FastStart

Wholesale distribution lets businesses tap into bigger markets, create a brand presence, and expand their horizons.

However, this transition isn’t simple — it takes smart planning and the right software, like an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

This powerhouse brings together everything from managing what’s in stock (inventory management) to processing orders (e-commerce), keeping customers happy (CRM), and balancing the books (accounting).

In the past, the complexity, the cash, and the time involved has held back the smaller players from implementing an ERP system.

Enter MYOB FastStart – a game-changing software system designed specifically for small businesses like yours.

MYOB FastStart wholesale distribution

Wholesale distribution software — without the hurdles

In 2023, we can finally say goodbye to the notion that great software is only for big players.

MYOB FastStart for Wholesale Distribution is a catalyst for your business’s growth and a platform designed to align with your goals.

Here’s why MYOB FastStart is the software you’ve been waiting for:

1. Low-cost, high impact

MYOB FastStart offers a low entry cost, so your business can harness the power of ERP without taking a huge financial hit.

This means that even as a smaller business, you can access tools that improve your processes, increase visibility, and drive profitability.

2. Rapid implementation

For a large company, waiting for months to see the benefits of a new system can be frustrating, for a small business that wait can be crippling.

MYOB FastStart understands the urgency – you get processes already set up, along with workflow templates to have your specifics up and running quickly.

3. Seamless learning curve

Adopting new technology is always a learning curve.

That’s why with MYOB FastStart you get on-demand training that makes the transition easier for your team.

This means you get value out of your new ERP as soon as possible.

inventory management software

A smooth transition to wholesale distribution

Imagine your small company specialises in handmade artisanal products.

Retailers are wanting more, and you want to expand your market reach, so you’ve decided to transition to wholesale distribution.

However, this shift comes with its own challenges, you need to be efficient in how you manage inventory, orders, and finances.

Here’s how MYOB FastStart can make that simple.

1. Industry-specific essentials

MYOB FastStart comes pre-configured with industry-specific essentials designed for wholesale distribution.

This means that the software is already set up with features your business needs.

2. Tailored for wholesale distribution

You don’t need to spend hours customising the software to fit your business – it’s already configured to handle tasks associated with wholesale distribution like managing bulk orders, tracking different retailers, and automating order processing.

3. Efficient inventory management

One of the key challenges in wholesale distribution is managing inventory.

With MYOB FastStart, you can easily track your inventory levels in real time. FastStart helps you keep tabs on which products are in stock and which need replenishing.

This means you can fulfil orders quickly without risking stockouts or tying up your cash by overstocking.

4. Simplified order processing

Retailers can place their orders directly through your system, and the software automatically updates your inventory levels and generates invoices.

This automation reduces the chance of errors and saves you time you can spend on more important things.

inventory management software

5. Financial transparency

As you expand into wholesale distribution, maintaining clear financial records is key.

MYOB FastStart helps you manage your finances with tools for invoicing, tracking accounts payable and receivable, and generating financial reports.

This transparency means you have a solid grasp of your business’s financial health and can make informed decisions.

6. Scalability and growth

As your wholesale distribution operations grow, MYOB FastStart grows with you.

The software is modular, so you can add features and functionalities as you need them, so your software always delivers what your business needs.

Expansion made easy

Moving your small business to wholesale distribution is an exciting step, but it comes with challenges.

With MYOB FastStart, industry-specific essentials, simplified inventory management, streamlined order processing, and financial transparency are just a few clicks away.

As you grow, MYOB FastStart grows with you, making wholesale distribution a journey of opportunity, not complexity.

Set your small business up for growth – learn more about MYOB FastStart here.