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How to develop a plan for your small business

After making the exciting decision to start their very own business, prospective business owners often run into a problem - what's next?

Business plan guide
The ultimate guide to naming and registering your business

After making the exciting decision to become a business owner, now's the time to officially name and legally register your new business.

Register a business
The easy-breezy guide to business invoicing and invoice templates

Whether you're preparing for your first or your thousandth, it never hurts to make sure that your invoices are up to scratch.

Business invoicing guide
Starting a business guide

Starting a business can be both exciting and rewarding. There's just one issue many potential business owners face: Where to start?

Ensure start-up success
All you need to know about GST registration and calculation

Many don't give it much more thought, however - how does GST affect you personally, particularly as a small business owner?

Quick guide to GST
All you need to know about ABN registrations

An ABN, or Australian business number, is one of the first things sole traders and businesses are required to register before commencing work.

ABN guide
Demystifying Australian business activity statements (BAS)

If you're an Australian business generating revenue over $75,000, or a not-for-profit generating over $150,000, Business Activity Statements (BAS) should ring a bell.

Demystify BAS
A Primer on Fringe Benefits Tax

Employers providing benefits to hard-working employees is a great way to demonstrate appreciation and recognition. If you're thinking of implementing some benefits or perks, you should first consider whether they're subject to Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT).

FBT guide
A complete guide to payroll for small businesses

On paper, pays are simple: they're made by calculating employee wages, withholding taxes and paying into their nominated account. In reality, paying staff for the first time requires you to familiarise yourself with a host of new responsibilities

Your guide to payroll
What are KPIs and why does your business need them

It can be tough to keep an eye on how your business is performing over time. One way to track your business is to use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

KPI guide
You can customise the MYOB invoice template with your own details and logo.

Free invoice template

Get on top of your accounting needs with one small step. Start using our free invoice template today, and make tomorrow easier.

Free business guide

Ready to get started? Our free business guide will help you with your first steps - and set you on the path to success.

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