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Download your free template to easily generate payslips

We've designed this payslip template to help speed up your payroll process. Simply enter your employee hours worked and relevant deductions to create a professional PDF payslip to send to your employees. Your employees can enjoy visibility on what they earned, where that money went and their take-home pay. 

Create payslips in seconds

Quickly and easily create payslips for your employees with their payroll information to speed up your payroll process.

Professional, branded and compliant

Designed specifically for New Zealand businesses and aligned to industry standards.

Easy to use when you need

Created in an easy-to-use online PDF format, so you can save to your computer and use again and again.

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Payslip requirements for employers

As an employer, you may ask yourself whether you need to give your employees a payslip. Of course, if you have paid them, the answer is yes, and you must provide your employees with a payslip. Therefore, it's essential to ensure that payslips are correct every time you pay your employees. Our template will ensure you generate payslips with all the critical information every time and allow you to keep a record of your pay cycles.

What are payslips?


A payslip is a document that an employer gives to an employee with each pay. It shows their total wages earned for a set period, for example, salary, hourly wages or commission, less deductions such as tax.

Do I need to provide a payslip to my employees?


Employers don't have to provide employees payslips under New Zealand law, but these are useful tools to make sure you and your employees have the same understanding of how the pay is made up. It's also good practice to retain clear and accurate payment records that can be accessed by yourself and your employees at any time.

What must be included in payslips?


A payslip may include the following information:

  • the amount of pay, both gross (before tax) and net (after tax);

  • the date of receiving the pay

  • the pay period

  • any loadings, bonuses or penalty entitlements

  • deductions

  • KiwiSaver contributions/deductions

  • PAYE deductions

  • Employees name and IRD number

  • Employers name

Should leave balances be on a payslip?


It can also be good practice to include employee's leave balance on their payslip also. MYOB software will calculate leave balances and automatically add leave balances to payslips. See what upgrading to MYOB software can do for you business here.

What are some best practice tips for payslips?

  • Issue your payslips in a format that's easy to print

  • Ensure your employees can access and review their payslips in private (don't leave these lying around!)

  • Consider including useful additional information, such as leave balances