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Download your free timesheet template to get the business ball rolling

One small step for business-kind

Keep track of employee hours

Maintain records and stay compliant

Stay within your projected budget

How to use your timesheet template: As easy as 1, 2, 3

Choose template style

Choose weekly or monthly (aligning with your pay cycle may be helpful!)

Send to your employee

Editing the template is simple - just click on the editable fields

Save filled-in templates

Once pay cycles are complete, save the document for your records.

Professional timesheets — time after time


Look professional with timesheets tailored to your business.

Easy to use

Filled in by employees in minutes.

Completely free

Download your risk-free timesheet template today.

FAQs about timesheet templates

What is a timesheet template?


A timesheet template helps track employee work hours and tasks, including overtime and breaks. A timesheet can be tracked in paper form, online, or with on-the-go tools like MYOB.

What is a timesheet used for?


Timesheets are used to track time spent on tasks, projects or clients. Employers then bill accordingly and process payroll. Accurately tracking time helps a business stick to budgets, manage time and hit deadlines.

What should I include on a timesheet template?


A timesheet should include:

  • Employee name

  • Pay period

  • Date worked

  • Hours worked

  • Base hourly rate

  • Overtime rates

What format is the timesheet template in?


This timesheet template is a online editable PDF format, you'll receive a weekly and monthly template option.