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Working for families tax credits

Some of your clients may be eligible for Working for families tax credits, which are payments for families with dependent children aged 18 or under. Payments are calculated based on the number of children, total family income and the number of hours worked. The Working for families package helps with the cost of raising a family.

We calculate the following Working for families entitlements:

  • Family tax credit (FTC)

  • In work tax credit (IWTC)

  • Best start tax credit (BSTC)

  • Minimum family tax credit (MFTC).

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    This schedule is for information purposes. It doesn't update the main form of the tax return and isn't filed with IR. The total amounts are displayed on the tax statement and may be included on tax notices.

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    IWTC replaces Child tax credits (CTC). We no longer support CTC.

Eligibility for entitlements

A taxpayer's eligibility for Working for families entitlements depends on the type of allowance, benefit or other income the taxpayer may have received in a period.

Using automatic calculations

As you complete the Working for families schedule, we'll automatically calculate the amounts and display them in key fields.

Existing schedules with manual calculations

Before automatic calculations were available, you may have entered amounts based on your own manual calculations.