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Tax notices

The Tax Notice page lists all upcoming tax notices for each tax client, for their current period.

Each week, MYOB Practice automatically creates any tax notices that are due within 90 days. If you see the message We've got data for (X) clients. Do you want to create their tax notices? at the top of the page, and you want to create notices for the financial year, you can click Create now in the message.

Message saying "We've got data for (10) clients. Do you want to create their tax notices? Create now"

When you click Create now, all notices will be created for all tax clients, for the current period, once their IR data is downloaded.

Finding a tax notice

To search for a client's tax notice, use the filters at the top of the Tax notices page.

You can use the filters individually or use them together. For example, you could just search for a client name, or you could narrow it down further by also entering the due date range in the To and From fields.

The filters and status tabs highlighted near the top of the Tax notices page

Once you've found the tax notice, click the row to open it.