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Editing your business bank details

If you use online payments, you might need to edit the bank account your customers' payments go into, or the account your fees and charges are debited from. To learn more about the payment details that appear on your invoices, quotes and statements, see Set up your payment details.

You can edit your bank details in the merchant portal, accessible from MYOB.

You’ll need to verify any new bank accounts you add the same way you did when you first set up online payments.

To edit your bank details

Only the business owner or an Online Admin user can change the bank details. Tell me more about user access.

  1. Click the settings menu (⚙️) and choose Sales settings.

  2. Click the Payments tab.

  3. In the Invoice payment options section, click Edit preferences to open the Online payments settings page.

  4. Select the Stripe account settings tab. If prompted, sign in to your Stripe account.

  5. Click Edit for Payout details.

  6. Follow the prompts to update your account details.

  7. Click Save.