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Receiving payments

When you receive payments from customers, you enter the details on the Invoice payment page (via the Sales menu). A payment can be a part payment, or full payment for one or more invoices. If a single payment is made for several invoices, you can allocate the individual amounts on the same page.

If you need to change a customer payment, you can edit or delete it.

Ask customers to quote your invoice number when paying electronically. This will save you time by helping to quickly identify payments.

If you use bank feeds or import statements you can match bank transactions directly to your invoices.

Provide a receipt

If a customer has paid you via online invoice payments, they receive an email notification that they have paid. In their online invoice, the Pay Now button changes to View Receipt – they can click this to view or download the receipt. Otherwise, when a customer makes a payment, you can provide them a copy of the invoice (showing the payment) as a receipt.