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Inspiring stories from our MYOB customers

Learn how MYOB helps customers start, survive and succeed.

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16 November 2023

Modernising stock management with MYOB

A new business management platform spelled success for A&S Welding and Electrical, taking the 20 year family-run business into the future.


16 November 2023

Hume Alliance makes quick recovery with MYOB PayGlobal

The Hume Rural Health Alliance is a large organisation with over 5,000 employees. So, when it found out its payroll system would no longer be supported, they needed a new plan — and MYOB PayGlobal provided a no-stress solution.


16 November 2023

Rapid growth leads to system upgrade for ActivTec

How MYOB Advanced Business enables leading distributor to grow – and keep a close eye on inventory. 


16 November 2023

Increased bottom-line for Vickery Holdings

Discover how MYOB Advanced Business and MYOB Advanced Payroll enabled a family manufacturing business to ride a big wave of growth. 


16 November 2023

Winton setting the standard for NZ property development with MYOB Advanced Business

Discover how this ASX and NZX-listed property development company is building tomorrow's neighbourhoods today with the help of MYOB Advanced Business. 


16 November 2023

MYOB Advanced Business provides best fit reporting for Screenrights Australia

With support on their custom-built software solution increasingly lacklustre, not-for-profit Screenrights Australia turned to MYOB Advanced Business to "get out of the weeds".


16 November 2023

Uniting AgeWell: with age comes wisdom and MYOB Advanced Business

Discover how MYOB Advanced Business has helped Uniting AgeWell take control of its growing business. 


16 November 2023

Simpler reporting and streamlined audits at MAV

Find out how MYOB Advanced Business offered the right mix of small business simplicity with big business controls and reporting that MAV desperately needed.     



16 November 2023

Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital Foundation: more time for good with MYOB Advanced Business

Read how MYOB Advanced Business enables the The Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital Foundation to better manage the causes it supports, while reducing admin work so employees can dedicate their time to more valuable tasks.

16 November 2023

SCHI has multi-entity reporting with MYOB Advanced Business

The Sunshine Coast Health Institute (SCHI) needed a financial management solution that was innovative, asset rich and highly transparent and for this reason they chose MYOB Advanced. 


16 November 2023

MYOB PayGlobal makes payroll flow at Goulburn Valley Water

With such a huge area to manage, Goulburn Valley Water has a huge amount of responsibility. Managing the payroll needs of 200 employees doesn’t make things easier. So when their old system wasn’t up to scratch, Goulburn Valley Water made a change and it’s never looked back.


16 November 2023

Streamlined payroll for industry-leading Temperzone

Discover how MYOB PayGlobal helped Temperzone deal with the complexity of adding more people to an established business.