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From garage start-up to 35,000 clients and beyond

15 May 2024

The team at KPG Taxation won MYOB Practice of the Year 2022. Discover how reaching Diamond Partner status is a win for the business – and its 35,000 clients, plus what's next for this ambitious practice.

All the best businesses start in garages – and that’s exactly where KPG Taxation’s story begins.

In 2007, Parampreet Singh Rajput shook hands with his first accounting client. Fast forward 15 years and KPG Taxation has become a household name in Australia’s small business community.

With 13 offices nationwide (and growing), a team of 80 experts and a roll of 35,000 clients, Param’s start-up firm is a long way from the ‘small table and chairs’ set-up in his garage. Sure, that business growth hasn’t come without sacrifice, but seeing clients achieve their ambitions makes it all worthwhile.

“One of my client’s first business venture was as a courier driver. Today, he’s in real estate and recently commissioned a deal for a 350 million dollar shopping centre,” Param says. “It’s gratifying to watch your clients hit those big numbers.”

Parampreet Singh Rajput | KPG Taxation

MYOB has supported Param, his team and his clients every step of the way. In 2022, KPG Taxation was awarded MYOB Practice of the Year, which, Param says, is a testament to how finding the right partners in business will help you grow your practice.

“My intention has always been for KPG Taxation to be the best accounting practice, and with the help of MYOB, we can be that for our clients.”

- Parampreet Singh Rajput, Managing Director, KPG Taxation

From little things big things grow

In 2005, Param completed his Master of Accounting and started working for a small business with only a handful of staff. Today, it’s a multi-million-dollar company. Param says having a front-row seat to that type of growth solidified what business owners can achieve when they have access to the right advice and support.

“Our job at KPG Taxation is to listen and help you remove the barriers that stop you from growing.”

After several years juggling that full time job and getting KPG Taxation off the ground, Param gave his notice to his employer and hired KPG Taxation’s first employees. It was a watershed moment in his entrepreneurial journey, but it hasn’t been all smooth sailing.

“When I first started KPG Taxation, I was running on a couple of hours of sleep every night. I was focused 100% on my work, but that came at a cost to my family. These days, I try to be more balanced.”

KPG Taxation reception

Despite the road bumps, word has spread far and wide about KPG Taxation. Param says being awarded MYOB Practice of the Year 2022 is “a proud moment” for everybody at the firm and proves the company is acting on its mission to “educate, influence and assist businesses towards growth and success.”

“We want our clients to dream big, but it’s also about working smarter, not harder – and that’s where MYOB comes in.”

Why KPG Taxation continues to choose MYOB

Like all good accountants, Param and his team have tested various accounting software over the years.

But there are three reasons why they’ve always come back to MYOB:

  1. The platform is super user-friendly

  2. It’s a great price for small and growing businesses

  3. The MYOB team is based in Australia, which makes troubleshooting issues easy

Whenever KPG Taxation introduces a new client to MYOB, the team has an in-depth discussion about what that client needs to achieve their goals and then recommends a product, essentially setting them up for success right from the start.

But there are a few features that Param believes are non-negotiables.

“With the MYOB Capture app, you can take a quick photo of a receipt or invoice, helping you stay compliant and organised.”

- Parampreet Singh Rajput, Managing Director, KPG Taxation

Then there’s report consolidation, which is particularly important for clients who own multiple businesses.

"MYOB lets us see how those businesses perform in real-time,” which Param says is a huge advantage for his team and his clients.

MYOB Diamond Partner – “the Michelin star of the accounting world”

Over the years, KPG Taxation has meticulously worked up to the Diamond status of MYOB’s Partner Program. Param says there are many benefits to having “the Michelin star of the accounting world.” Not only is it recognition of the practice’s expertise in MYOB products, but clients also get exclusive partner discounts.

KPG Taxation office team

“Our strategy with any new client is to show them how, with the right technology, they can save time and money,” Param explains.

He adds that the faster they can do that, the quicker KPG Taxation can add their planning and advisory expertise into the mix.

“It’s all about removing those manual processes that cause bottlenecks, so we can spend more time working with clients on those growth tasks like strategic planning, budgeting and diversifying revenue.”

Param also believes that if you don’t continuously “level up” your business and adapt to changes in the market, you’ll quickly become outdated.

“The Partner Program gives my team free access to the MYOB Certification courses and online training. Our clients rely on us to help them stay competitive, so we must continue growing our knowledge.”

Ambition to bring their services far and wide

With thriving offices across Victoria, Param isn't about to stop now. So, what’s the next big step for KPG Taxation?

“We currently have two offices operating under a franchise model,” Param explains. “The plan is to turn KPG Taxation into a franchise and continue to grow the practice nationwide.”

It’s the best move for staff and clients, Param adds, saying that it’s an opportunity for others to step into more leadership roles and provide that “personal touch” for clients.

“KPG Taxation wouldn’t be where it is today without our clients, so we will always do what we can to ensure they are successful – whatever that looks like for them.”

- Parampreet Singh Rajput, Managing Director, KPG Taxation

As always, MYOB will help those franchisees – and their clients – achieve their business ambitions.

“MYOB is like family to us now. Whenever we open a new office, the MYOB team is always there to support us,” Param says.

“Part of signing the contract as a franchisee will be using MYOB because it’s proven to have some of the best accounting products. But it also means we can support them because we all use the same software.”

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