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WDHS cures problem with MYOB PayGlobal

28 September 2023

The Western District Health Service is responsible for the payroll of 750 employees across multiple organisations. When its previous system couldn’t scale, MYOB PayGlobal provided a powerful, lasting solution to the problem.


Western District Health Service (WDHS) is renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities, up-to-date equipment and technology and skilled, supportive staff.

WDHS incorporates five rural health organisations and also processes pay for another five hospitals. This brings the total number of pay slips it processes to 750.

Originally, this was handled by the previous payroll system, but the solution didn't satisfy all of the organisation’s needs.

A healthier alternative

WDHS was using the NewPay/Peruse payroll system. However, the HR functionality didn’t meet the needs of the organisation and in 1999 the business decided the time was right to look for a complete solution that could integrate the five major aspects of employee management — Payroll, HR, Time & Attendance, Rostering and Employee Self Service.

When a small public hospital three hours north of Hamilton began talking about the capabilities of the Time & Attendance software from PayGlobal (now MYOB PayGlobal), WDHS was interested in finding out more.

After a visit to see the software in action, and several discussions later, WDHS could see real value in implementing the software.

“We were looking for a complete management tool that would improve the way in which we managed our employees — not just another payroll system”

- Jim Kennett, HR Manager, WDHS

Impressed with the PayGlobal Time & Attendance component, WDHS was eager to discover what else PayGlobal could offer.

Time to move on

In 1999, WDHS was the first public hospital to break away from New Pay/Peruse in favour of a solution from PayGlobal including Payroll, HR, Time & Attendance and Rostering.

After the release of the PayGlobal in August 2000, WDHS upgraded early the following year to the more intuitive and enhanced internet-enabled Windows product.

Fit to deliver

Once PayGlobal was in place, WDHS enjoyed a significant reduction in the time spent on manual processes, inefficiencies and double handling.

The new payroll system also produced detailed and accurate reports. This helped managers make informed decisions and improve the company’s overall performance.

Before implementing MYOB PayGlobal

  • HR functionality of previous payroll system didn't meet the needs of WDHS

After implementing MYOB PayGlobal

  • Integration between Payroll and Time & Attendance

  • Reduced time spent on manual processing

  • Informed decision-making using report functionality

  • Improved effectiveness for managers

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