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Download your free quote template to get the business ball rolling

Your free quote template includes:

Professional branding

Simple and reusable PDF format

GST and non-GST versions

How to use your free quote template: As easy as 1, 2, 3

Choose your template type

Choose a GST or Non-GST template (you get both, don’t worry!)

Save before you use

Save your template as a PDF, ready for all those future customers.

Fill in your template

Creation is simple — just click on the editable fields to enter details.

It’s clear skies ahead with your free quote template


Look professional with a quote that’s tailored to your business.

Easy to use

Create job quotes in seconds with just a few clicks.

Completely free

Download your risk-free quoting template today.

FAQs about quote templates

What's a quote template?


A quote template helps communicate your services, terms, and pricing to your customer. If a customer accepts your quote it becomes a legally binding contract.
Your quote will likely be compared with other businesses so it's important it looks professional. It should include all key details and be easy to understand.

Learn more about price quotes.

What should I include on a quote template?


A quote template should include:

  • Your business details, contact details and ABN

  • Customer details

  • Quote date and expiry date

  • Description of goods/services, unit price, and quantity

  • Total cost and (if relevant) GST costs

  • Terms and conditions

  • Any additional notes (eg. How to accept the quote)

What's the difference between a GST 
and Non GST quote template?


If your business is registered for GST you will need to provide a breakdown of the GST costs in your quote. If your business is not registered for GST you do not need to include a GST breakdown.

What’s the difference between an invoice 
and a quote template?


A quote template is provided before any goods or services have been delivered. It provides the customer with an indicated price, which is then accepted so the job can begin. 
An invoice is a contractual payment obligation, detailing how and when to make payment when the job is complete.

When should I send a quote to a customer?


Send your quote as soon as possible after customers make a request — the speed of your reply can be critical to landing the job. Using easy quoting software like MYOB prefills customer and GST data, helping you create quotes faster.

Are there other file formats for quote templates?


Create a quote template in any format you like (Excel, Word, Canva). Always consider the time it takes to create the quote, how easy it is to use, and its professional appearance.