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Be a business pro with quality purchase orders

A purchase order is a legally binding document sent to your supplier/vendor when you secure goods or services. It details the quantity, price, supplier information, and delivery instructions.

Gain overview of working capital

Maintain accurate, detailed records

Get to know what’s coming and going

How to use your free purchase order template: It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

Download your free template

Get started by downloading your free purchase order template from the MYOB website

Add prices and GST

Fill in the details including items, quantity, prices, and order/ shipping information

Review, send and save

Ensure all details are correct and then forward to supplier, saving a copy for reference and reuse

Elevate your business with with our free purchase order template

Keep financial control

Get an accurate view of purchases to track stock

Know your cashflow

Understand exactly what's going on with your expenses

Create a record

Maintain clear communication trails between you and your suppliers

What's a purchase order?


A purchase order (PO) is a legally binding document created by a buyer and presented to a seller.

Who sends the purchase order?


The procurement officer of the business buying the goods or services.

What needs to be included in a purchase order?


Header: This includes relevant company information like the logo, business address, contact information, PO number and a date of issue.

Information recipient: This includes the seller's details, If known, you could include the name of your contact here.

Shipping details: For physical goods you'll need to specify where and how the order is to be sent, along with relevant details like the delivery date.

Order details: Provide the order name or supplier ID of the goods or services, the quantity and other relevant specifications like price.

What's the difference between a purchase order and an invoice?


A purchase order is issued by the buyer requesting goods or services that a vendor will fulfill.

An invoice is is issued by the vendor after fulfilling a purchase order requested by the buyer.

Is a purchase order binding?


Yes, a purchase order is a legally binding document.