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Set up superannuation funds

ING Living Super is moving to OneSuper

From 30 November 2023, ING Living Super (USI 13355603448001) will stop accepting contributions. Existing members of this fund will be transferred to OneSuper and will retain their existing membership number. Learn more about this change on the ING website.

You'll need to add OneSuper (USI 43905581638019) as a super fund in AccountRight, and assign this fund to the impacted employees.

See below for details on adding and assigning super funds.

The super funds your employees belong to need to be set up in AccountRight. So in addition to setting up superannuation payroll categories, you'll need to:

  1. Add the standard and self-managed (SMSF) super funds that your employees use

  2. Assign the relevant funds to your employees.

Before you can set up superannuation funds

You need to register for Pay Super - it’s included with your AccountRight subscription and you can use it to make super payments directly from AccountRight. This ensures you stay on top of government obligations, including SuperStream.

If you had already set up any self-managed super funds before registering for Pay Super, you'll need to create new self-managed super funds for these employees after registering for Pay Super.