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AccountRight library service issues

Answer ID: 34793 - This information only applies to the AccountRight Server Edition.

This information only applies to the AccountRight Server Edition, and relates to errors or warnings which specifically refer to the 'AccountRight library service'. For general information about libraries and opening company files, see Manage libraries.

The AccountRight library service is a Windows service installed with AccountRight. AccountRight uses this service to access and open your company files.

If the library service isn't running properly, you'll see errors like this when trying to open your company files:

Company files in local Network

The first thing to check is that you're using the latest AccountRight Server Edition on your server.

Some library service issues can be fixed quickly, while others require a few more steps. Perform each of the numbered tasks below until your library service issue is fixed. Some of these tasks are a bit technical, so you might also need help from an IT person.

Before you start, you'll need to log into Windows as an administrator or a user with administrator privileges.