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Setting up a bank feed for a NAB account

To set up a bank feed for a NAB account:

Your AccountRight company file doesn't need to be online to set up bank feeds, but you'll need an internet connection.

There are two parts to setting up a bank feed:

1. Apply

Start the application process in AccountRight, then complete an application form.

2. Link

Once your bank feed application is approved, choose the AccountRight account the bank feed applies to.

1. Apply for a bank feed

Here's how to get started:

To apply for a NAB bank feed

  1. Start AccountRight.

  2. Go to the Banking command centre and click Bank Feeds.

  3. Choose your company file from the Set up bank feeds for this company file list.

  4. Click Add more bank accounts or Add more credit cards.

    Add more bank accounts

    If you don't see these buttons, make sure you're the online owner , who is usually the person who set up your AccountRight subscription. 

  5. Select National Australia Bank and enter your bank account details.

  6. Select the I confirm... checkbox then click Submit .
    You'll be prompted to print the bank feed application form.

    1. Click Print Form. The authority form and cover sheet appear. A copy of the authority form is also sent to you by email.

    2. Print the form.

    3. Read the cover sheet for instructions on how to complete and submit the form.

  7. Click Done in the Print the bank authority form page.
    The My Products page appears. This shows details about your AccountRight subscription and online services.
    The Bank Feeds section is updated with the details of the bank feed you have just applied for.

  8. If you want to:

    • apply for another bank feed, click Add more bank accounts or Add more credit cards and continue from step 5.

    • return to AccountRight, close the internet browser.

Your application should be processed within 10 business days—we'll let you know when it's ready. To check the application status, see Manage bank feeds.

If you haven't heard from us after this time, contact product support (click chat or scroll down for other options on the Contact Us page).

Once it's ready, you'll need to link the bank feed to the corresponding account in AccountRight. See task 2 below for instructions.

We’ll notify you by email when your bank feed is ready to use. You can then link the bank feed to the corresponding account in AccountRight.

What happens next?

When your bank feed is ready and it's linked to an AccountRight account, you’ll be able to download and approve transactions into your company file. Check the delivery frequency for your NAB account.

Note that the first bank feed you receive will have transactions dated from when your bank feed was approved. Any transactions that occurred while you were waiting for the bank feed to be set up won’t be included. If you want to import and reconcile transactions dated before your feed approval date, you can import a bank statement.