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Connecting bank accounts to MYOB

When you connect a bank account or credit card to MYOB, your financial institution sends transaction information from that account straight into your MYOB business. These bank feeds save time on your data entry, and the best part is it's included with an MYOB subscription.

We support lots of financial institutions, and we're always adding more.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to connect your bank account:

Who can connect a bank account?

The business owner (typically the person who set up the MYOB subscription) or an Online Admin user can set it up.

Connecting multiple accounts?

The number of bank accounts you can connect to MYOB depends on your plan. Sign into My Account > Manage my product to see your current limit or upgrade your plan.

Which banks are supported?

Plenty! Check the list.

If your bank isn't listed, they likely don't currently support bank feeds. But maybe contact them just to be sure. If they don't, you can still import your bank and credit card statements straight into MYOB.

Ready to get started?

Start the setup process from MYOB via the Banking menu > Manage bank accounts, then click Create bank feed. You'll choose your bank and account type, then complete the application either online through your bank, or by sending us an application form.

For all the setup details, click your bank below or choose Other if your bank isn't listed.

What happens after my application is approved?

We'll send you an email saying you're good to go. You'll just need to choose the category in MYOB that your bank account transactions will be fed into. What's a category?

Then your bank will start sending your transactions into MYOB. How often this happens depends on your bank - check this list to see your bank's delivery frequency.

Each of your bank transactions can be matched to an MYOB transaction (if one exists), or allocated to an MYOB category (if a matching MYOB transaction doesn't exist). You can also set up rules to automate this process. For all the details see Working with bank transactions.


How do I check my application status?


You can see a list of all your current bank feeds via the Banking menu > Manage bank accounts. You'll also see the account details, and the status of each bank feed.

Online applications (via your online banking portal) are usually processed by your bank within 24 hours, but it can take a couple of days. Application forms take 1 - 2 weeks to be processed.

If you've been waiting longer than this, or you have any questions about your application, contact us.

How do I bring transactions into MYOB that are from before I connected my bank account?


The first bank feed you receive will have transactions dated from when your bank feed was approved. Any transactions that occurred from before this date won’t be included, but you can import these transactions from your bank statements.

I'm having trouble - what do I do?


Contact us and we'll help you get back on track.